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MSP - Sides at Brasa

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If you haven't been to Brasa yet, it's highly recommended. A few weeks ago, I had the pork plate with a side of yams and andouille and the yellow rice and beans. I plan to head back this weekend to give the chicken a try, but I want to try some different sides this time -- any have some favorites?

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  1. I'm excited for the grits & cheddar. And the yucca wasn't bad; just didn't get very much for the cost of an "additional" side.

      1. We got takeout from Brasa last week and I was incredibly disappointed with the sides we got. We got the cheese grits and there was just something off about them. I'm a HUGE cheese grits fan and ate them whenever I could when I lived in Atlanta. These just didn't taste right, weren't appealing. I added pepper thinking it would help somewhat with the lack of depth of flavor or whatever it was and it didn't help much. I can make better cheese grits at home with grits, butter and cheese.

        We also got the collard greens, which again I loved when living in the south. These were really blah also. They weren't cooked as long (ie mushy) as I'd had them before which made them just difficult to chew.

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          I've also had hit/miss with the grits, though when they're right, they're really right (also, I add Franks to everything).

          I grew up in Texas and this is how greens were prepared in our neck of the woods (firm with vinegar). My brother now lives in Savannah and when I've had them down there they cook them to death, the way it would appear you're used to (like steamed spinach). I think the collards are going to end up being a matter of preference.

        2. I loved the potato salad there, but I've heard from many other people who didn't like it. It's not too mustard-y, which is how I like potato salad. I also liked the yucca.

          1. I love the collard greens, the shaved cabbage salad, and the chickpeas with barley.

            I agree that the collard greens are less cooked than is traditional in the south. But I like the chewiness, and I figure that this way is better for my digestive tract (delicate cough).


            Brasa Rotisserie
            600 E Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55414

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              I had the collards and the rice and beans and cornbread. I found the collards and the
              rice and beans to be verging on too salty with not much other noticeable flavor interest.
              I liked the cornbread.

            2. Hey - I never got my cornbread. Of course, I'm just realizing this two days later. Bit late to go back.

              I got pork with grits and greens. The pork was out of this world. Perfect flavor and tenderness. The grits - meh, I've got to agree with KateBauer. They were missing something. The grits I'm used to (TN, VA and NC primarily) have an alkaline essence that was missing.

              I liked the texture of the greens, cooked with some firmness left, but they were pretty blah. A shot of vinegar and a dollop of the hot sauce that came with my meal, and they were perfect and scrumptious. (I got takeaway, in case I didn't mention).