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Ethiopian/Korean (Dallas)

Anyone know of a some good places in Dallas, Texas?

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  1. A quick search on the Texas board for Korean will turn up lots of discussions about Korean in Dallas.

    I like Queen of Sheba in Addison for Ethiopian.

    1. I like Kereje, which is locate on Greenville Ave just north of Park Ln (west side). It feels really Ethiopian (the little beaded curtain booths, African music videos on the big TV screen, Ethiopian guys hanging around the bar). There's a small African market upstairs in the same shopping center. Food is very good. I didn't like it when Queen of Sheba went all upscale when they moved.

      1. We like Lalibela on Forest for Ethiopean. Not upscale, but a great value and very tasty. I hadn't heard of Kereje, we'll have to check it out!

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          Second Lalibela. The atmosphere leaves much to be desired but the food is definately good (although I do not have a wealth of experience when it comes to Ethiopian cuisine). I did like their injera quite a bit.

        2. There is a new Ethiopian restaurant in Richardson that has good food but the services is horrible. I can't remember the name but it's south of Beltline on the west side of 75 behind the Jack in the Box and 7-11.

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            The name is Addis Abeba and it is behind McDonalds

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              The food at Addis Abeba was great. We liked the beef stew in particular. The service was good, too. One of the waitresses was esp. nice. We were a group of 8 and asked her to bring a range of dishes on big plates. We would definitely go back.

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                  I thought it was very good. pleasantly sour, not gummy, and held up enough to serve it's purpose.

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                  Do you know if this place is still open? Google isn't turning up any useful results.

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                    It's still there (we live nearby). There's no info online. It's in the phone book with the wrong spelling.

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                  The service is fine. Went there last night.

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                    By the way, do you know if this place is still open? Google isn't turning up any useful results.

                4. A new place just opened for Korean in Carrollton, it is on West Hebron road. I beleive it is call Kelbee, We ate there the other night and it was very good, and very busy with a lot of Korean families

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                    Analisas Mom,

                    Do you know what intersection this Kelbee is at? I'd like to try it but Google isn't turning up any information and Hebron is a long road.

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                      For Ethiopian, Queen Of Sheba still reigns supreme in DFW. They've moved up to near Addison, (Inwood south of Belt Line) but haven't lost their rule in my book. Dallul on Inwood @ Maple offers a more Eritrean twist and runs a close second.

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                        I've been to every Ethiopian place in Dallas over the past few years. Queen of Sheba is the most welcoming to non-Ethiopians, and their cuisine is spiced and butter a bit more lightly than some of the other places. Addis Abeba is at the other end of the scale; very rich and very spicy. Kereje and a couple of others have more of the feel of a club for Ethiopians than restaurants looking for a diverse clientele. It's all a matter of taste; the food is good at all of them.

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                        It's called Kalbee and is at the intersection of Hebron and 121. Wait staff was pretty friendly to us even though their English was limited.