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Best cocktails in Seattle?

I know I have my favorites but would love to hear about yours. Top of my list the Tequila Toddy at Hazlewood!

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    1. re: vanillagorilla

      Yep. Pretty much anything at Zig Zag.

      1. re: terrier

        I'll third that. I'm to the point that I stick with wine unless I'm at the Zig Zag.

        1. re: HCGirl

          ZigZag is known nationally for their cocktails, if not internationally. It's a Seattle treasure that should not be taken for granted.

          1. re: Atomica

            Keep in mind though, that Zig Zag really pushes the envelope. A friend of mine had a tequila and egg white concoction that was truly repellant. Delivered as advertised, and he seemed to enjoy grossing people out (here, try this!), so a good time was had by all, but they're far out on the mixology spectrum.

            That's happened to me several places in Seattle. I have to restrain my instincts to order adventurous, because the chefs here are very adventurous and you just may fall off that bleeding edge.

            1. re: jjmccoy

              Egg whites are an old school, traditional cocktail ingredient - a "Tequila Cocktail" (by that name, not just any cocktail containing tequila) typically includes egg white, along with lemon or lime juice and a dash of grenadine. A "Tequila Fizz" might add ginger ale or soda.

              I guess everything old is new again sometime...

              1. re: jjmccoy

                I'm not sure I understand and I disagree with the "far out" comment. They bring back lots of forgotten cocktails that deserve to be drunk again. I don't know if you were talking about Murray, but he has tried many things out on me and it's not for the purpose of grossing anyone out. I probably would have liked the tequila drink. Were you grossed out by the egg white?

                1. re: Atomica

                  To clarify, it was my friend, not any bartender, who enjoyed grossing people out by passing the drink around among our friends. And I stand by my assessment that the drink was repellent. I think there was a reason they let "school" out on egg whites and citrus shaken up.

                  Don't get me wrong. I liked Zig Zag overall -- lots of sophisticated choices executed well. Just found it an example of Seattle gastronomes going a little further than I'm willing to follow.

                  1. re: jjmccoy

                    Thanks for clarifying. I think those of us who post here regularly assume that we all like-minded in that we'll go as far as required and it helps to know when a "newbie" comes aboard. Trust me, hang around here for a while and you'll be enjoying classic cocktails made with egg whites in no time!

                    1. re: Lauren

                      if you think egg white is bad, try the Flip Off the Devil cocktail at Vessel, made with a whole raw egg (plus some other, hard to obtain, ingredients http://spiritsandcocktails.wordpress....)

                2. re: jjmccoy

                  "Keep in mind though, that Zig Zag really pushes the envelope. A friend of mine had a tequila and egg white concoction that was truly repellant."

                  I had that very same cocktail just the other night, and I thought it was pretty fabulous. *shrug* Think of it as meringue ;-)

        2. I've loved everything i've had at Chapel on Cap Hill. Plus drinks in a former funeral home is just cool.

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          1. re: stolenchange

            The thing with the Chapel is that the service is so bleak that it's hard to even get a drink.......

            1. re: passionfoodie

              Totally agree. I don't think I've ever gotten drunk at this place, simply because the service is so bad. On weekend nights, it can take 10+ minutes to get a drink at the bar, and that's only like 1-2 people deep in line.

              Great drinks though. I recommend going during happy hour...

              1. re: passionfoodie

                I've totally given up on weekends at Chapel, but weeknights aren't too bad. Or i'm just too hooked on the lavendar martinis to care. :)

              2. re: stolenchange

                Had drinks there in early October and had a fabulous time-went for happy hour ($4 martinis!!!!) and sat at the bar and they were very friendly-let us sample some stuff they were decanting, were chatty, it was all good. It was relatively early on a Friday night. I did notice they weren't real attentive to the folks at tables, so I'd suggest sitting at the bar (always my preference anyway).

                Also had great drinks at Lola's and the Dahlia Lounge.

              3. I guess that depends on what type of cocktails you are interested in. Me - I'm all about the classics. It's either Zig Zag, Vessel or Union.

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                1. re: Lauren

                  I love the classics too ...but do love the cocktails at Sambar, they are flighs of imagination without being too contrived

                  1. re: oliveoyl

                    Sambar is fantastic, I was at Vessel last Wednesday night and I dont think the Bartender was having a good night. Cocktails were not good and he kept dropping everything. The Vessel cocktail there when made properly is fantastic and potent!

                2. if you're a tequila fan, try the La Familia at Vessel
                  the Trenchtown at Marjorie
                  Iichiko shochu and calpico (chilled, straight up) at Maneki
                  the Renaissance (if they still make it) at Licorous
                  Nonino Amaro and Amarena cherries at Barolo
                  the Old-Fashioned at Matt's
                  Lychee martini at Nijo's happy hour
                  Pear drop shaken w/ a bit of pear sorbet at Triple Door (unfortunately they don't use Belle de Brillet pear cognac)
                  icewine martini at (?)

                  1. Corn 'n Oil at Tilth
                    Dark rum with house-made falernum
                    a delight

                    1. Vessel. I have never had a bad drink there. Lots of interesting concoctions, not too sweet. I am currently obsessed with the Jasmine--gin, campari, grapefruit.

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                      1. re: cocktailhour

                        Vessel's La Familia is a nice twist on this: tequila, campari, lillet and pumpkin ale

                      2. Don't forget about the Douglas Fir martini at Cascadia, paired with great happy hour specials.

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                        1. re: Chief Seattle

                          I forgot about this one. That martini and the mini-burgers during happy hour are the best thing about that place, by a mile.

                          1. re: Chief Seattle

                            I thought they were good at one point (non-happy hour), but during happy hour I noticed that these are premixed in a big pitcher and left to sit around. Big turnoff.

                            1. re: Atomica

                              Not sure what you are referring to. When i go in and order one at the bar, they make it up on the spot.

                          2. Marjorie. Plain and simple.

                            2331 2nd (between Battery and Bell)

                            2331 2nd Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121

                            1. I've had some really great cocktails at Licorous.


                              1. sambar
                                sun liquor
                                pink door
                                fu kun wu (back of thaiku in ballard get the tea martini)

                                1. bing cherry mojito (request substitution of Averna for lime sours) at Volterra
                                  the Esquire (rye, Amer Picon, Cynar, green chartreuse, flamed orange peel) at Vessel

                                  1. I had a Ginger Drop at Smash recently. It was the best drink I've had in ages....made with their own house infused ginger vodka.

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                                    1. re: GreenLakeDave

                                      I'm not generally a big fan of Bal Mar, but I do really like their drinks.

                                      Thay do some interesting things over at Ocho, the new Ballard tapas place, including vodka infused with wormwood, among other things. Apparently it's not to everyone's taste, but I liked it!

                                      1. re: allisonw

                                        ummmm, have my reservations about Ocho, but if you're in that hood, I say take a few side steps to Hazlewood - I think that's where this whole post started...

                                        1. re: allisonw

                                          I dont know what is going on at Ocho. I think for a cocktail I am still going to Hazlewood.

                                      2. Counterbalance at Betty.... Absolut Ruby Red, Countreau, lime..... The best

                                        1. My favorite drink in Seattle is the Bocce Ball at Bleu Bistro on Broadway.

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                                            1. re: barleywino

                                              Amaretto, orange juice, vodka, and soda water. Everyone I've let taste it has loved it.

                                          1. Last Word at Sun Liquor; Vessel 75; Cardinal Sin (?) at Spur

                                            Sun Liquor
                                            607 Summit Ave E, Seattle, WA

                                            Spur Gastropub
                                            113 Blanchard Street, Seattle, WA 98121

                                            1312 5th Ave, Seattle, WA