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Oct 4, 2007 09:00 AM

Hospital food in Houston

Remember the days when if you mentioned hospital food everyone grimaced? Well, it is getting better. My DH was in Spring Branch Hospital for a few days, a couple years ago, and the cafeteria was great! My DD and I would rush down for lunch for the items served from the steam tables. They had the best chicken and dumplings I had had in years. My DD wanted to know if she could still eat there when he went home, it was so good.

My MIL was recently in Memorial City Hospital, and they have the best sandwiches I have had in a long time. You could have them make it for you or choose from the prepackaged ones in the refrigerated case. Those were $3.00, and fresh made a bit more, but you got more choices. The steam table meals looked really good, too, but you have to get there early. Reasonable prices, too. Oh, and they have a salad bar. If I worked nearby I would get food from there instead of the mall! Lots better.

I was in MH Northwest last year and out of 8 days I can say I only had a few bad meals. Breakfast was the worst, because the eggs were always cold, and cooked too hard, but other than that I was happy, plus I didn't have to cook. Of course, in retrospect, I was on pain meds, so maybe that influenced my palate! LOL!

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  1. Some years ago when my husband was working at M.D. Anderson and I was working at UTHSC we used to meet for lunch at Methodist. Always delicious! I wonder if it is still as good.

    1. I work at the Heart Hospital at Baylor Plano, and at Baylor Plano Hospital. Although not in Houston we have room service style food, you order when you want from 7 am to 7 pm and the menu is amazing, petit filet mignon with a signature mustard sauce on the side, fresh steamed asparagus and sauteed seasoned zucchini, honey bbq glazed grilled atlantic salmon, philly cheesesteaks with red, green and yellow peppers, grilled red onions and a grilled french roll. 1/3 lb grilled sirloin burgers, vanilla pistachio crusted tilapia filet, fresh chicken tortilla soup.... just to name a few, not your typical hospital fare
      the only downside is that when you aren't feeling so good, do you really want to eat grilled tuna steak with mango salsa?
      I'd rather just have a grilled cheese (we have those too)
      I'm not sure if all the Baylor hospitals have room service, but if you have to get sick, do it in Plano.

      1. What a great, funny post. I thought I was alone in my love of hospital food, scarred for life from hospital training... Why IS hospital oatmeal so good?

        And why does LBJ have the best fried catfish of any cafeteria or restaurant I've ever been to? Though I've never had them, judging from their popularity, a porkchop (or 5) from LBJ is worth having for breakfast...

        When MD Anderson has turkey and dressing it is not to be missed. If the supervisor is in a good mood, she'll lay out the cranberry sauce too.

        Methodist is still good, but the new place to meet is the McGovern commons. Waterstreet makes a tasty portabella mushroom "burger". Trevisio on top is owned by the Hugo's etc people, good food but food but $$$.

        Hmm.. hospital chicken and dumplings... a treat I never imagined. Will have to take chowspouse to Spring Branch.

        1. I spent a week in Memorial Hermann at the Medical Center in June when my mom was there. She'd had a stroke so her food was all very soft, but some of it she really liked.

          The Cafe' Hermann had some pretty good eats. You could kolaches, square donuts and starbucks coffee for breakfast, decent sandwiches and other hot foods for lunch.

          They also had a saute station that served up something pretty fresh and hot to order every day. It was a really rough week, but at least the food was good.

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            On that note, we sure miss you up here in Austin and all of your super reviews. Hope all is well.