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Oct 4, 2007 08:56 AM

An Astoria List

So I just moved out to Astoria a few weeks ago and I LOVE it, can't figure out why it took me so long to leave Manhattan. I've been trolling the boards about favorites in area. There are a few scattered lists that I was looking to consolidate and update. Everything from cheap ethnic to the Astoria version of more upscale to the best of all the 30th Ave Cafes. I'm not going to touch on Greek food here, because for that there are plenty of posts about Astoria.

So far, these are the places that I've come up with (I've only tried a couple of them) so please add on, tell me which not to bother with or offer any other general opinions.

Bistro-type-things: Bistro 33, 718 Restaurant, Stove, Brick
Italian: Piccolo Venezia, L'incontro, Il Bambino
Japanese: JJ's, Bistro 33, Nebuta
Pizza: Sac's, Rizzo, Last Stop
Chinese: ??
Thai: Thai Pavilion
30th Ave Cafes: Ovelia, Athens Cafe
Cafe: Freeze Peach, Il Bambino, Cafe Soleil
Mexican: El Rey Del Sol truck
Brazilian: Sabor Tropical, Favela
Egyptian: Mundo, Mombar, Kabab Cafe

Of these places, we've tried:
Bistro 33- REALLY impressed, great duck, very good sushi
Thai Pavilian- first time was excellent, second time just good and slightly bland (bad order?)
Ovelia- good enough food, very good drinks, somewhat pricey, comfy chairs
Il Bambino- have been three times. we love it. string bean salad with truffle dressing!
Cafe Soleil- brand new, great iced tea sweetened with buckwheat honey- oddly delicious
El Rey Del Sol- heaven
Sac's- just got a slice, not the best ever, but very good, fresh and not greasy

Alright... that's what I've got. Just wanted to get a comprehensive list together. Get some updated reviews... I've just been noticing a deficit/lack of cohesiveness in Astoria food websites/information. Thanks for the help!

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  1. Great list. And welcome to the neighborhood.

    Add Morroccan- Walima, Jour et Nuit- and the one by the citibank on Steinway... name anyone?

    Sabry's for fresh grilled fish and tahini Egyptian style - comically bad service tho

    Add Rudar's for Istrian Italian on 45th st and 36th ave....

    Add Favela for Brazilian up on 28th ave

    There are mucho good mexican places-- I believe there was a thread about them...

    Thai: the new Poodam's has been getting good reviews

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    1. re: quentinC

      no, malagueta for brazilian

      25-35 36th Ave, Queens, NY 11106

      1. re: zemilideias

        I agree. Malagueta is one of the best restaurants in Astoria and certainly the best Brazilian restaurants.

        25-35 36th Ave, Queens, NY 11106

        1. re: Glinda

          I tried Malageuta for the first time last week, and aside from a great Caipirinha, I wasn't blown away. I prefer Favela myself.

    2. Any tips on street meat in Astoria ?

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      1. re: cmballa

        There's a better-than average souvlaki cart on the SW corner of Steinway and 31st Ave. and the halal chicken-'n'-rice cart at the NW corner of Steinway and 30th Ave. is all right as such things go.

        1. re: cmballa

          Although not street meat, but a meat "pie" and you can get a huge slice of it at Yaya's Bakery. Definitely worthy of a mention here if you need a quick bite and want to fill up. Meat, spices, cheese, sweet vidalia onions, all wrapped in phyllo dough. It's a meal in itself for perhaps $3 (or less). The onions were a little too sweet for me, but some people might like it that way. The slice itself was so generously cut that I had a difficult time handling it while trying to eat and walk at the same time. I'd say it's best eaten once you get it home. Their spanakopita looked good too, btw.

          Yaya's Bakery
          2846 31st St
          Astoria, NY 11102
          (718) 932-3113

          1. re: Cheese Boy

            oh yes- the best spanikopita imho. Try the little triangles of spanikopita for 50 cents. I always pick these up when I'm having parties, and any time I'm nearby frankly. I also like the bread and pastires there. They use a wood burning oven.

            1. re: quentinC

              Wood-burning oven? I'm there: thanks for the tips.

        2. I had some great carnitas tacos today from Tacos Mexico on 38th street just south of Broadway.

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          1. re: Astoria Lurker

            Tulcingo deli (off the Broadway stop, just past the C-Town) is my favorite Mexican place in the neighborhood. Been going there for years,even when I didn't live anywhere near by. Try the Bistec ala Mexicana - easily the best I've ever had. Also, Opa! Souvlaki off the 30th st. stop is good. Try the Tzatziki.

          2. El Mariachi for Mexican on Broadway btwn 33rd and 34th St. Love the tortas, burritos, soups and horchata beverage.

            Try Yaiya Thai on 30th Ave near 34th St. I like it a lot, and Thai friends have told me that it's closest to Thai homecooking. I think they also make Thai offmenu dishes for Thai customers.

            Balkh Afghan Grill near corner of 23rd Ave on 31st St. I'm addicted to the pitcher of sweet lassi and the combo grill.

            1. I would suggest Burek's at Djerdan, great veal soup too. I see you have Kabab Cafe up there...try anything Ali suggests at Kabab Cafe (25th/Steinway), specifically his mezze plate, amazing lamb cheeks and tongue, and the lamb shank is the best I have ever had.