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Oct 4, 2007 08:43 AM

Venice in UTC

Just wanted to pass along that Tutto Mare closed and Venice has taken over.. Im not sure if they will very quiet in there..Perhpas at lunch they are busy.. BUT they have the BEST happy hour.. $3 tapas and $5.00 wines... the tapas are wonderful. Plates of two very large tortellonis or raviolis and calamari,salads.. etc... large menu to pick from... great place to meet after work.. Not very busy.. so not the going to check out anyone.. but great for a group or quiet get together.. Our bill last night was 35.00 for two and we'd had five glasses of wine and four plates.. Excellent!!

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  1. I can second this - was in there a few weeks ago and the deals were great - small servings, but they are $3.00! Lots of wine choices too. The service was really good and very friendly and helpful too - great choice if you're in the area.

    1. What time is the happy hour? Where is it exactly located?


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        Looks like it goes from 3 to 7 - here's their website: