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Oct 4, 2007 08:38 AM

Open Faced Turkey Sandwich

Where can I find a good one? Had many of these at various truck stops as a kid on the family trips, so I know about the white bread/brown gravy version. Had a good version in Emeryville, CA at a cafeteria-style place that at least roasted their own turkeys and sliced to order.

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  1. Emeryville, huh? Next time I'm in SF I'll have to go across the bay to try the place. What's it called?

    I feel that the only good ones I've tried of late have been in Northern New England (Circle Restaurant in Epsom, NH; The Shed in Stowe, VT; Adison's in Sebago, ME), but I'm sure there must be a place around Boston that has a good one. I'd be interested to hear what folks say, too!

    1. There's a well known diner in Somerville that must do this dish justice.
      There's Zaftig's deli in Coolidge Corner, Brookline... the cold turkey is great and they do roast their own.

      I went to UC, Berkeley so Brennan's is an old memory! Funny, I never went there for food... Irish coffees and beer! I always went to the China Station next door, which had the best fried dumplings with a sweet dipping sauce - really delicious! They were a must eat...but they are long out of business.

      SF has great food choices!

      1. Just out the Mass Pike in Framingham you can find hot open-faced turkey sandwiches every day at lunch at Gerards Turkey Farm. This is a wonderful little gem of a place with pie, turkey sandwiches, quiche, BBQ'd ribs and drumsticks and an ice cream window in the summer.