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Oct 4, 2007 08:22 AM

Kwong Ming in Wantagh

We flocked to this place in my youth back in the 1960's- It was the place for the best cantonese style chinese food I recall eating.... Does it still exist??? If so, it it worth a nostalgic trip back for?

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  1. It still exists.

    Problem is, nothing's changed since the 1960's....and I mean NOTHING. Food's still good, if you can overlook the, let's just say, "uncleanliness." To say it needs a makeover is a huge understatement.

    These days we'll only do take-out, and only when we're desperate for the nostalgia you speak of.

    1. In its day it was a great restaurnt for classic Chinese-American food.

      1. In the '70's when I lived in Bellmore, Kwong Ming was the hot spot. I tried it and thought it was fair,flavorless, bland old style Chinese American food with Sichuan(then spelled Szechuan emerging). One week, Barbara Rader, the food critic of Newsday gave it a glowing critique. That very same week, the New York Times Long Island edition panned it. If memory serves me correctly, that was the very last review done by Barbara Rader for Newsday

        1. I grew up in North Bellmore, and from 1960 or so (it was originally called Ming Dynasty) until the mid-70s we went once a month, always on a Sunday night. A few years ago when my sister visited (I'm in Manhattan and she in Chicago since college) we happened by and found that indeed, it hasn't changed a bit -- for good and for ill. Still run by the same family! It was a nostalgia trip for us. I still dream about those oversized, very deep-fried eggrolls, which don't seem to exist anywhere else any more. Pure gluttony!

          1. Still solid oldschool "one from column A..."
            best stuff is Wonton soup and eggroll

            Better, cleaner version of same vibe is Hoo King in Oceanside.