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Kwong Ming in Wantagh

We flocked to this place in my youth back in the 1960's- It was the place for the best cantonese style chinese food I recall eating.... Does it still exist??? If so, it it worth a nostalgic trip back for?

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  1. It still exists.

    Problem is, nothing's changed since the 1960's....and I mean NOTHING. Food's still good, if you can overlook the, let's just say, "uncleanliness." To say it needs a makeover is a huge understatement.

    These days we'll only do take-out, and only when we're desperate for the nostalgia you speak of.

    1. In its day it was a great restaurnt for classic Chinese-American food.

      1. In the '70's when I lived in Bellmore, Kwong Ming was the hot spot. I tried it and thought it was fair,flavorless, bland old style Chinese American food with Sichuan(then spelled Szechuan emerging). One week, Barbara Rader, the food critic of Newsday gave it a glowing critique. That very same week, the New York Times Long Island edition panned it. If memory serves me correctly, that was the very last review done by Barbara Rader for Newsday

        1. I grew up in North Bellmore, and from 1960 or so (it was originally called Ming Dynasty) until the mid-70s we went once a month, always on a Sunday night. A few years ago when my sister visited (I'm in Manhattan and she in Chicago since college) we happened by and found that indeed, it hasn't changed a bit -- for good and for ill. Still run by the same family! It was a nostalgia trip for us. I still dream about those oversized, very deep-fried eggrolls, which don't seem to exist anywhere else any more. Pure gluttony!

          1. Still solid oldschool "one from column A..."
            best stuff is Wonton soup and eggroll

            Better, cleaner version of same vibe is Hoo King in Oceanside.

            1. Kwong is still there and some of the food is still very good. There are some things that have changed. Those extra big crispy eggrolls are a thing of the past. In fact there are times you get very dark or even burnt eggrolls. A lot of the fried food is coming out oo dark lately. The shrimp with lobster sauce is nothing like it was. I think they have new people in the kitchen and it just isn't the same place. If you get lucky you will order something that still has the old recipe and enjoy it the same as you did 30 years ago. Hey everything changes, well not everything, not their decor.

              1. If you want decent Chinese food in Wantagh, Jani is right up Jerusalem, on the other side of Wantagh Ave. I still haven't found really good Chinese food in the area, but the food is edible at Jani.

                Any other recommendations?

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                  We like The Orient, a few miles north, Wantagh Av ends, left on 107, first light, on left.

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                    Kwong Ming, I was unenthused, although have only had a small test sample. BUT, Fortune wheel in Levittown is great - PLUS, you can order off the dim sum menu any day of the week. Not much beats that. Even Charles Wong choice Orient isn't as good or friendly.

                    as for crappy takeout- JJ Best in Seaford is surprisingly second to none.

                    Jani, I don't care for. Seems like PF Changs or another asian chain. not to demean asian, but I do mean to demean chains.

                  2. Better than The Orient- go to Fortune Wheel on Hempstead Tpk in the BJ's shopping center. I used to go to Kwong Ming ages ago- memories of grease- but that was what Chinese food was like back then.

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                      Fortune Wheel's dim sum on the weekend are great. Better than Chinatown or Flushing. What I really like is that very few things are fried. They have the tiny clams in black bean sauce, or snails in black bean, and assorted Chinese delicacies that I won't eat, but you may. Once in a while someone wants something off the regular menu, and that is always excellent too.

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                        I grew up in Wantagh and still live there. Kwong Ming is still good. Their won ton soup is the best...still has greens in it. No one else does anymore.

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                          Robinsilver's characterization of Fortune Wheel's dim sum being better than Chinatown or Flushing are pretty strong words and more accurately, untrue. My wife and I recently dined there on a Sunday and it was packed beyond credulity. I noticed the size of the dim sum offerings were smaller than Flushing; noticeably, clams with black bean sauce and sticky rice. Both the quality of the food and the prices were good, but the chaos of the lines and the 45 minute wait to be seated diminished the experience as well. Try Jade Asian or Gala Manor or Ocean Jewels in Flushing

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                            Maybe it's the time that you went. We usually try to get there around 11:30, so there is next to no line, and the offering are more plentiful. Not every visit has been as good, but most of the time we love their variety. I guess when it comes to quantity of clams in black bean sauce or certain other things it depends how many people are sharing. It's plenty for me any my husband, our kids don't like it, so they pick other things.

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                          Twice I ate at Fortune Wheel, the food tasted very good, but I got MSG headaches shortly after, both times. Hunan Dynasty in the middle group of stores by Tri County flea market we enjoyed.

                        3. yes it is still there i have been going there since 1968 mostly for take out the food is still the best chineese food i have ever had.i moved from long island to florida about 5 years ago but still go to kwong ming every time i come up to visit long island

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                            It is not fair to compare Kwong Ming to the Orient or the Fortune Wheel. Kwong Ming is classical Chinese-American fare, targeted at an American market whose taste is centered on won ton soup, egg roll, spare ribs and chow mein.

                            Fortune Wheel and the Orient are purveyors of good Chinese food. Each do what they do in a fairly good way. When you go to Flushing or NYC Chinatown there is fierce competition based on the number and density of restaurants and those restaurants have to be cost and quality effective.

                            The trouble with Flushing and Chinatown is the hassle of trying to park a car and negotiate crowds of people and traffic.

                            Whenever I eat in Chinatown, I realize that you cannot get food like this on LI or in Flushing. The good prices that I pay for food is negated by the fact that I either have to walk half way across Manhattan from a parking place or park in the Rickshaw Garage.

                            I am glad that the Kwong Ming, the Fortune Wheel and the Orient all exist. Depending on the crowd that I am with, I have the choice of venues since not everyone can handle the sight of steamed chicken feet on a plate.