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Oct 4, 2007 08:21 AM

New and/or Notable in the Far W VIllage or West Chelsea?

Looking for a smaller place for a couples night, nothing off the charts pricey.
Appreciate smaller, cozier atmospheres. Dont mind a little buzz though.

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  1. Not very buzz worthy but... D6 next to Dublin 6 bar is a smaller, cozy place that just got a facelift. Menu looks good and reasonable. I have been there for drinks only.

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      Malatesta - good neighborhood Italian at the corner of Washington St. and Christopher St.

    2. Malatesta has great Italian on far west Christopher. The place is open-air and cozy at the same time.
      Turks & Frogs is cozy, and good for wine and snacky foods.

      1. What about Fatty Crab (authentic Singaporean/Malaysian cuisine)? Try the nasi lemak, temaki fry, and chili crab if you do end up going. No reservations, so might have to wait since the place is small (you asked for cosy!) It's one of my favorite late-night eats in the W. Village!

        I like to eats.

        1. Little Owl in the West Village. It's gotten way popular and hard to get in during prime hours, but for a late romantic dinner it's terrific.