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Oct 4, 2007 08:17 AM

Middle Eastern

What's the best Middle Eastern food in the city? Is there anything that would blow one's mind? If not, really good would do.

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  1. My mind was recently blown at Gazala Place on 9th Avenue between 48/49 (I think). The chef said her cuisine is Israeli-Druze. She makes her own pita in the front. The place is small and the food is cheap. Try the cheese/cake/vanilla/pistachio pudding.

    1. Don't know that it is mind blowing, but I had a very good meal at Taboon recently. My husband's Middle Eastern guests always enjoy Al Bustan, but I've not been.

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        Second Taboon, though its more mediteranean middle eastern. Fresh food, attentive staff and lovely atmosphere. As simple as they are, the Tzatziki and the Halumi Salad was excellent.

      2. Do you mean the City (5 boroughs) or just Manhattan? If you mean 5 boroughs, ask on the Outer Boroughs board and you will get suggestions on Atlantic Avenue and Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.