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Oct 4, 2007 07:57 AM

San Luis Obispo

A friend and I are planning to visit SLO for a couple days in late October. Does anyone know of any wine tours in that area? We are looking for something that provides transportation, like a van, so that we can sample the wine and not drive.

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  1. The Grapeline is a tour company that operates winery tours in the Paso Robles/San Luis Obipso areas as well as Temecula and Santa Barbara areas.

    They pick you up at your lodging, and offer tours of 4 wineries, with or without a full box lunch from a local deli. Fees vary according to the day of the week. (Sat is the most expensive)

    They have a website that pretty much explains it all.

    Have a great time. The weather has been beautiful, hope it continues for you. Can be nippy at night.

    1. Many tour guides, best include Breakaway Tours, Wine Wrangler and Grapeline.
      Avoid the limo companies, not a great knowledge base about local wines.
      Harvest Festival is November 3 at Avila Beach. Hope you have reservations already.

      1. Unfortunately, Alban Vineyards, one of the best wine producers in the state does not "do" tours, but make sure have some of their wine in the local restaurants. Also, Taste in downtown SLO offers tastings of many of the area's producers.

        1. Thanks for your input. My friend discovered that although the regular price of the Wine Wrangler is $108 per person, we could also buy the tour through Costco for $69 per person. So we have done that, and look forward to an interesting trip. If we have more time we will also follow some of the individual suggestions.

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            Kittyfood (great name!),
            Can you post a review of your trip on the Wrangler? It sounds like fun. Did you buy it from Costco on-line, or at the SLO store?
            Another great place to try wines if you have Cal Poly affiliation is at the Homecoming Weekend Winetasting. It'll be Nov 10 this year. It's put on by Cal Poly Alumni, and there are usually a dozen or so wineries accompanied by the Cal Poly marching band. It's fun. We're not CalPoly Alumni, but our kid will be. :)
            Here's a link:

          2. We drove around the area and points south earlier this year. One option to consider aside from a tour is to just drink and spit. I know it ain't glamorous, but it works!