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Side Dishes to go with Coq au Vin?

I will be making a birthday dinner on Monday evening and leaning very much towards Coq au Vin. I am wondering if 1) anyone has a tried and true recipe for CaV, and 2) what side dishes (veggies) would go well with it? Thank you in advance!

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  1. I am still looking for a tried and true, but one of my favorite French bistros service coq a vin with buttered egg noodles. Yum.

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      I'm with you! But I love noodles in rich sauce. I prefer it to potatoes with this dish. Usually with green beans or asparagus (depending on season). a salad. bread. chocolate mouse for dessert... mmmmmm.....

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        My grandmother always served buttered noodles, but I have made and been served this dish with everything from rice pilaf, parsleyed potatoes, spaetzle, and roasted new potatoes.

        I usually have a salad w/ vinaigrette and plenty of fresh baguette.

      2. My mother makes this for my sister's birthday practically every year. We always have parsleyed potatoes, a green salad and a baguette with it. She uses the Doubleday recipe and ALWAYS flames the brandy.

        Green beans amandine might go well with it too. And we always have chocolate gateau for after.

        1. a salad of frisee with a french style mustard vinagrette. It has a nice soft punch that will contrast with the rich flavors of the CAV

          1. I always do potatoes au gratin. And a salad.

            1. Here is a good recipe from Nigella Lawson:

              Wide egg noodles, spaetzle, rice or orzo would seem fitting as a side.

              1. authentic or not, I always add some 1/4'd red potoatoes to the last 15 min of cook time, then serve some very fresh steamed broccoli garnished with crimini sauted with butter garlic and splashed with sherry.

                1. I'm going to give this old thread a bump. I'm going to do a slight riff on the Julia Child recipe. Her side dishes are pearl onions and mushrooms. I'll also do egg noodles. I'm thinking that's plenty. Perhaps green peas. Not interested in a salad. Other suggestions. TIA.

                  1. Here's the one I make and everyone devours:


                    The fennel salad also featured in the article is pretty damn
                    good, too.

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                      Yep. That's the one I'm making also.

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                        Oh yay! You'll be a happy group. And I'm with you on the noodles and peas. Meanwhile, I think I just answered my internal question about New Year's Eve dinner.

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                          Yeah. Melanie Wong posted it. I understand it's a riff on J. Child's. Thanks for seconding the rec. Y'all enjoy it also.

                    2. Coq au Vin is strongly flavored, dark & smokey so somethingt light like corn pudding would work great.
                      Also, spatzele, roasted brussel sprouts, green beans (haricot vert if available), spoonbread, Yorkshire pudding