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Oct 4, 2007 07:23 AM

Cooking Present for Foodie??

Can anyone recommend a bday present for a foodie who just happens to be a caterer? Last year we took a course at ICE together and it was great fun. I would be open to events where chefs do a demo and then we have a meal but I don't know where to start. Macy's has a few but I'm not sure how they'd rate.

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  1. go to dean and delucca and purchase:
    truffle oil or truffle salt
    hawaiian red salt
    fennel pollen
    a dry sausage
    glass jar of italian tuna in olive oil
    a beautiful wooden spoon

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      You don't mention your budget or if you know what the caterer's preferences are so it's a little challenging to make suggestions. I agree with anita cocktail that truffle oil is a good idea. An upscale olive oil or balsamic vinegar might also be a good choice. These are items almost any foodie or cook would appreciate. You could consider a gift basket of a few items (perhaps with a theme?). There is a new organic olive oil shop (Stonehouse from Calif.) near me on Front Street in Manhattan and they have blood orange olive oil and some gift items. Restaurant or cooking shop gift certificates are also a good idea, but less personal. What about a really nice bottle of wine or gift certificate to their favorite wine shop?

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      1. What kind of catering does your friend do, do you know what he/she would like that he/she doesn't already have, and what is your budget for this gift?

        1. Alice Waters is going to be signing copies of her new cookbook at William Sonoma next Thursday, I think. You could get that and then pick up some other stuff while there.

          1. I would take your friend to a fantastic dinner at a restaurant he/she's never been to. When my fiance, who is now a caterer, graduated from the CIA someone gave him a gift certificate to Picholine and it was a fantastic idea.