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Good place for a Christmas Party in DC?

Where would be a good place to have a company Christmas party in DC? I'm looking for something that's probably in the downtown or Georgetown areas, anything metro-accessible. I'd like something classy, and I'd like to stay in European or American cuisine. Here's some suggestions from Washington Post:

Primi Piatti
Prime Rib

Here's a few suggestions of my own:

District Chophouse
Fogo de Chão
Brasserie Beck

My boss and I are foodies, so I'd really like to find someplace that's got good, unique food, a sense of style and can handle a group of 25. Any thoughts?

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  1. Are you looking for a weekday, weeknight, or weekend?

    Good that you're planning this early. The warning on Fogo de Chao is that you really must be a carnivore to enjoy the beef, chicken, pork and lamb offerings.

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      This would be on a weeknight - probably make it earlier in the evening, around 6 or 7.

    2. My company tried to do a party about that size a Fogo de Chao, and we were told that they don't have private areas nor can guarantee basically anything private or even off to the side. They didn't seem to be interested in group events like you are probably thinking of!

      1. you might want to see if PS7 can accommodate you.
        The food and drinks are very good, the space is very nice, and the service is very good. Plus, it's right near all the metro lines.

        1. Don't do it at Bobby Vann's! I went to one there last year that was terrible.

          1. I've been to events at Zengo before, meh. CityZen could be good, though very expensive. How about Vidalia on the nicer side, or the back room of Firefly. Central could work as well.

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              Our friends held their small wedding reception in the private room at Vidalia. It can definitely handle 25 people.
              Food and service were top notch, and I understand their event person was very easy to deal with.

            2. A group experience is usually never as good as the experience one has when dining on your own, mostly because for a group that size, the restaurant usually has to work with a somewhat preset menu. Make sure to pick somewhere where you will have input on the menu and at least some choices for the guests. You also want a place with a private room or area for parties this size.

              District Chophouse would not be on my list to consider. The one meal I had there was terrible, and that was not even in a group situation.

              DC Coast has a private room downstairs, and offers a lot of selections to groups. I ate there on restaurant week after not going for a while, and was pleasantly surprised. Bad choice if there are people who don't eat seafood in your group however.

              1789 in Georgetown might be perfect for you. They did a great job with a group dinner for 10 we had a few years back. Nice atmosphere in the old house at Christmas-time. With a group your size, they might be able to offer you one of the many rooms all to yourself.

              I also agree with the other posters that Vidalia is a good choice.

              Lastly,I know you said DC, but 2941 in VA does a fabulous job with groups, the food is top notch, and the ambience is wonderul. I think one of the group rooms looks right out onto the little pond in the front.

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                I know you said Georgetown, but 1789 (and Georgetown in general) is not particularly Metro-accessible.

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                  We once had our christmas party in Meze in Adams Morgan and it was great.. Food was awesome and service was great. here is their link:

                  it is turkish cuisine, mostly tapas and metro accessible.