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Oct 4, 2007 06:32 AM

Jury Duty Lunches

Doing my duty as a citizen for the next couple weeks.

Any suggestions for lunch near Centre Street?

I went to the tiny Bahn Mi place around the corner yesterday. Tasty and cheap.

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  1. I just finished 2 weeks of jury duty. I liked Ponsgri Thai on Baxter Street and Great NY Noodle Town on the Bowery for great soups (if you're alone, you will have to sit at a communal table--it wasn't bad)..

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      Pongrsi Thai has a lunch special. I've been going here for years (they have 2 other locations).

      Also try Chinatown Ice Cream Factory around the corner (ginger ice cream is my favorite). . .

      There was an article in the NY Times about jury duty dining. I may still have my copy somewhere. Perhaps someone will post the link.

    2. Try South's on Church between White and Franklin. An old-fashioned bar/resto set-up, with quite affordable and quite decent food -- burgers, interesting sandwhiches, salads, and you can have a glass or two of wine to make your afternoon in the jury pool more pleasant...

      1. Nha Trang - there's 2 locations. Most will say the one on Baxter is better than the one on Centre. I lunched at both locations, both were good. Be prepared if you are a solo diner they will seat other people at your table.

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          There are three vietnamese places right next to each other on Baxter. My dh loves New Pasteur. I like the one on the other side. Neither of us is crazy about the one in the middle. I also like Marco Polo across the street for chinese. In cold weather I get the casserole. My SIL likes the hong kong lo mein.

        2. My bf texted me every day for two weeks from Shanghai Cafe when he did his civic duty. I myself have gone to Big Wong (char sui over rice, dry beef chow fun, congee etc etc)