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Oct 4, 2007 06:25 AM

Berkshires w/kids - South Lee area...

Posting for a friend...she's going this wkend w/another couple....she's got an almost-2 yr old and the friends have a 4 yr old. They'd like to eat well but not feel funny taking the kids....a place w/crayons to pass out would be great. Looking for all three meals, outdoor seating a plus w/the lovely weather predicted for this wkend. None of them are into Asian/Indian food. TIA!

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  1. Some good places to go with kids are Jacks in North Adams next to MassMOCA, a small place with counter only and hot dogs/hamburgers/fries only. Dakota in Pitssfield (unfortunately it is a chain) for a huge Sunday brunch buffet that is very family friendly. On the road from MassMOCA is a great outdoor fried fish stand with tables on the grass overlooking the mountains.Don't recall the name.

    1. In South Lee, the Sweet Basil Grill, and in Housatonic, Jacks Grill--both are child-friendly with good food.

      1. Too late for your friend, but for future reference: Spice in Pittsfield is wonderful if you have kids, but want a very nice meal. The grown-up food is excellent and creative. The kids get their own 3-course meal for a nominal price - a typical meal starts with carrot sticks and dip, goes on to pasta with red sauce and ends with ice cream with cookie. Nothing that would turn off a picky eater, but makes the kids feel like grown-ups, because their meal is paced the same way. Crayons are included.