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Oct 4, 2007 05:46 AM

Cheese Blintzes

Looking for a place in Toronto to purchae (take-out or frozen) good cheese blintzes. I used to be able to buy some at Loblaws, but can't seem to find them there anymore. Any suggestions? (Live in West End)


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  1. Daiter's at Bathurst and Wilson.

    Starsky's on Dundas West may have them (Polish Version).

      1. re: peppermint pate

        Daiters is good. Longo's sometimes carries their blintzes, at least in their mid-towny stores.
        Regina's is also good and might be closer to you.

        1. re: fleisch

          agree with Regina's
          Also Nortown has cheese blintzes.
          Tried the Longo's and they were not good.
          Freshness might have been a factor.
          I'm sure that they would have been better purchased directly from Daiters

      2. I live in south Etobicoke and got really good cheese bintzes at that European Deli/ Sausage Factory on the Queensway. I think it's called Czecowski or something like that (hope i'm not mixing the name up with the uber-trendy Queen West resto). It's on the south side of Queensway, just east of Islington, past the new row of townhouses.

        They also had some other take-out food that looked good (schnitzels, pierogies and i think even cabbage rolls).

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        1. re: savannah

          Nothing compares to the blintzes at the Harbourd Bakery!!

          1. re: food_whiz

            Harbord's good...but not as good as the ones from Montreal...

        2. The frozen ones from Empire aren't bad. Widely available in Jewish neighbourhoods.

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          1. re: embee

            United Bakery in Lawrence Plaza sells them also. I'm not a fan of blintzes in general but they seem to be very popular at the restaurant. They also do takeout.