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Oct 4, 2007 05:27 AM

Directions to The Blue Room from the T

Going to the Blue Room this Saturday evening. Trying to "branch out" a bit as it seems everytime we head into Cambridge we end up at Central Kitchen (my fave).

My question is: is it easy to walk there from the Kendall/MIT T stop? If so, what would be the best route to take? Or would it be just as easy to drive in? We're coming in from Central Mass (eastern part of Central MA). Alewife is so easy to get to (40 mins away at the most) but I'm thinking since they have parking nearby Blue Room, would it be easy enough to keep going and just drive in?

Thank you for all your help!

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  1. There's a big lot by the Kendell Sq. Cinema, and you're right by the blue room there. They validate parking. I'm sure you're right by the Kendell sq. T stop as well.

    1. You can also go to and plug your address and the desination address and get directions.

      1. It's about a 15 minute walk, not hard at all, but if you're driving to Alewife anyway, you might as well drive all the way in since parking is so easy, unlike Central Square.

        1. Exit the Kendall/MIT MBTA inbound stop, cross Main Street, cut through the Boston Marriott Cambridge Hotel (that's what it's called), go left up Broadway for about half a mile, bear right onto Hampshire St about 80 yards, and you're at One Kendall. This is an upside-down-U shaped cluster of three buildings: the Blue Room is at the top of the U, down a few steps. That's a fifteen-minute walk on a stretch of road that's quite desolate at night.

          Alternative: park in the One Kendall garage next to the Kendall Square Cinema on Binney Street, behind the One Kendall complex. Two-minute walk to the restaurant.

          Be sure to have a drink at the bar first. Reggie is a masterful bartender. I often just dine at the bar there, since he's also an ace server.

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            Thank you all! Earlier this after I made ressies at The Blue Room for this Saturday to surprise my wife in going somewhere other than the Central Kitchen (our usual haunt when we come in). Guess what?! She just told me that she wouldn't mind trying Gargoyles on the Square in Somerville this weekend!!!! Maybe another weekend!!

            1. re: RandyL

              Excellent choice! Gargoyles is great, and they have parking in the back...