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Oct 4, 2007 05:01 AM

Best restaurants in Munich, Salzburg, Innsbruck?

And by "best" I don't necessarily mean the most high-end or luxurious. I'm just looking for some excellent regional (or international) fare that may (or may not) be unheralded by the guidebooks. In other words, I'm open to anything!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Where I keep going and therefore recommend – (for various and somehow very personal reasons, not necessarily in that order):

    Rathausgalerie, right downtown: Cafe Lichtblick, Bar 360, ThaiLi –

    Carpe Diem, Goldener Hirsch (Downtown), Hangar 7 (airport) (all on the expensive side)

    Haidhausen, my these days favorite watering area:
    tiny Italian bistro: Mezzodi, Steinstraße 57
    steak and burger: Juleps, Elsäßer Straße,
    The Bavarian Japanese, Wörthstraße,
    Il Theatro (Tapas), Balanstraße,
    Voila, Wörtstraße and Mondial, Pariser Straße, both international
    L´Ocean, seafood (lunch only), Franziskanerstraße,
    Negroni (American Bar) Sedanstraße.
    All of them reasonably priced.

    Elsewhere, more expensive:
    Käferschänke, Schumannstraße,
    Austernkeller, Stollbergstraße (since some weeks open for lunch as well)
    Tantris, Johann Fichte Straße

    1. Would not go against knowledgeable Marc, but my best two meals since I'm in Munich have been outside of Munich: Winkler (between Munich and Salzburg, ***Michelin -- see and Christian Grainer (40min east of Munich -- Both really great to my little frenchy's tastebuds.

      I liked Tantris mostly for the outer space setting and great wines but found it mostly boring (


      I like a pizzeria in Perlach called Il Ruscello that has good value and excellent food, including fresh grilled fish. And the best Chinese I found here is in Rosenheimer Strasse, in the Motorama mall.

      And I thank Marc again for all the addresses.

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        Speaking of which, does anyoe knows the third star history of Winkler? When he got in Tantris, for how long, when he got it in Aschau?

        1. re: souphie

          That’s what his website states (

          In the team of Paul Bocuse

          1978 - 1991:
          Chef in the Tantris Restaurant, Munich

          1987 - 1992:
          Manager of the Tristan in Mallorca

          Opened his own restaurant the Residenz Heinz
          Winkler in Aschau in Chiemgau (Bavaria)


          "First three-star chef in Italy
          "At the age of 31 the latest three-star chef in the world

          ""Chef of the year"
          "2nd star in the Guide Michelin

          "1st star in the Guide Michelin

          He certainly will be pleased to answer your question directly and in detail:

          I personally think, 3 stars is an exaggeration. Nevertheless it is worth a stop if you drive between Munich and Salzburg, because it is so famous and meanwhile became a landmark.


          With respect to the topic of this lead asking for places in Munich:

          Just 5 days ago "The Charles", another Forte five star hotel opened in downtown Munich. Barman is a former barman from Schumann´s, the hotel´s restaurant will certainly make a great effort to reach for the stars and should be worth a try.

          Two weeks ago very disappointing dinner at Garden Restaurant (Bayrischer Hof) - will not go back for a looong time, a place to avoid. (Though sometimes highly rated


          Brasserie Treszniewski: for Munich standards very acceptable bouillabaisse and very rich cheesburger at reasonable prices.

          1. re: Marc

            Re Winkler. The three stars are as follows: Tantris 1981-1991, Aschau 1993-1995 and 2000-now.

            I went back and I think that 3 stars are absolutely deserved. I would call them 1989 three stars, because it is what was remarkable then, the Loiseau-Robuchon style, the second generation of Nouvelle Cuisine. I am not aware of any restaurant in the World that cooks "nouvelle cuisine" with this commitment and sincerity. I think it is an "outdated" issue again: if you expect something that is new or in line with today's standards, go away. But to me Winkler's style, as it can be enjoyed now, is a milestone of culinary history.

            I posted pictures and more detailed comment there:

        2. re: souphie

          Thanks Souphie for pushing Gasthof Grainer (Christians). We've just enjoyed a wonderful meal. A lovely couple. Serious cooking, albeit in the French style, and winelist we could only gaze at. They said they might get three or four English-speaking customers a year. I suspect that visitors venturing outside Munich are inclined to do Winkler, and leave it at that. If you get the chance, stay in their apartment with breakfast in the restaurant. It was just us and Christian and a magnificent parade, including three soups.

        3. For Italian in Munich, definitely go to Da Bruno --small, quaint and VERY authentic. For even more casual Italian, go to Trevi Bistro in Taufkirchen-always excellent. In any event, you must always buy the homemade pretzels anywhere you go...they are out of this world (Even at the chain delis!)

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            I would avoid the Da Bruno in Duisburg however.

          2. In Salzburg, Goldener Hirsch is just wonderful. The venison dishes, and for dessert the Salzburger Knockerln are superb. Excellent service too.

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              anybody know whether this restaurant is open christmas day?

            2. You will have to check out Makassar in Munich (Dreimuehlenstr. 25, Schlachthofviertel). The menu is french, but with a strong creole influence. But it is not just the food that is excellent: The atmosphere the owners (Roger and Roland) and their staff provide is simply wonderful. Reservations especially on weekends is a must. Bring ca$h, since they do not accept any other form of payment...although they provide a bicycle to get you to the next ATM if needed :-). Since all dishes contain meat or fish, not a good place for hardcore vegetarians. Prices for main courses are 15 to about 30 EUR.