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Oct 3, 2007 09:35 PM

Vegetarian options in Portland

We will be visiting Portland this weekend and am curious if anyone has any recommendations for a nice vegetarian meal. I have called a couple restaurants I found online, but at least the people answering the phones seemed to just direct us toward their salad options. The better restaurants here in Austin, Tx generally have at least a meat-free entree or some sort of tasting menu option. Any ideas? We are flying in Thursday so any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. The restaurant critic for The Maine Switch ( is vegetarian. Her reviews will sometimes comment on the vegetarian fare, and in the Switch has a side bar for each review that indicates whether vegetarian food is available. The latest Switch review was of a restaurant called the the Blue Spoon ( Based on the review, it sounds like it would be a good fit for you. The Switch also had good things to say about how Caiola's serves the needs of their vegetarian customers: Both the Blue Spoon and Caiola's are popular and well regarded. You can find more reviews of Blue Spoon and Caiola's, and other restaurant listings

    1. I am vegetarian and live in Portland. I enjoy Foley's bakery on Congress Street, sort of hidden next to a parking garage in Monument Square) for vegetarian soups, and O'Naturals (across from Starbucks on Exchange Street) is a great option for soups, salads, and sandwiches. If you are ever in the area during the week, Little Lad's bakery is really inexpensive for lunch -- and all vegan! They are on Congress street, around the ME college of art. Flatbread on Commercial street has amazing pizza....lots of options!

      1. PEPPERCLUB RESTAURANT ON FORE ST. has lots of veg options for dinner, and is very good. Enjoy. Give us some feed back. Thanks