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Oct 3, 2007 09:23 PM

Domestic foodie honeymoons?

I know the "proper" thing to do is to flit off to a foreign locale and eat one's way through several countries on a honeymoon. But doggone it, we like the USA! And we really feel like we haven't explored it enough, so I'm looking for domestic honeymoon spots.

First and foremost HAS to be food. I don't want to look back and not remember at least a few exquisite meals.

At the same time, it is a honeymoon, so the presence of a world class hotel is absolutely necessary as well. Where oh where?

Since it'll be January, I was thinking Aspen. A winter wonderland honeymoon? But how's the food? Snow and food don't necessarily go hand in hand for me.

New Orleans? We've been and loved it, but were hoping to go somewhere new.

We have no shortage of international destinations we'd love to hit, and not necessarily immediately after the wedding (opt to wait a few months and do a spring/summer getaway).

But really, I'd love domestic options that combine food and romance.

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  1. NYC.

    Sure, it may not be the most exotic of places, even for a domestic destination, but the city has everything from great dining to top notch hotels. As a former native, Manhattan really can be a wonderland in winter.

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      Haha. I second NYC! Even though Pei just visited. Stay at the Four Seasons, Plaza Hotel, or Mandarin Oriental and this time you can do more low end food stuff. Plaza Hotel overlooks Central Park which is beautiful blanketed in snow. If you like molecular gastronomy, there's WD-50. It can get weird at times but if it floats your boat...

      Napa/Yountville but you've probably done that during your bay area stint.

      Portland based on this recent NYT review.

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        Portland/wine country/Oregon coast is a great idea. The winter coast is uncrowded, great for stormwatching. Dungeness crab season. Pinot tasting. All manner of inventive artistic original tasty food in Portland.

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          Ditto to that. The Willamette Valley wine region is beautiful, full of interesting wineries and restaurants, and close to the romantic Oregon coast--and you will, of course, find plenty of great food and interesting things to do in Portland.

    2. What about the wine country in Northern CA then eat your way down the coastline?

      1. What about a wine tour of the PNW? Oregon and Washington are peppered with great little wineries.

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          Yeah! Right now we are planning to do Seattle and HOPEFULLY Vancouver (Kind domestic!) I can't wait! :)


        2. 1) Honolulu/Waikiki
          2) San Francisco
          3) New York
          4) Chicago
          5) Las Vegas

          We got married in Las Vegas, & our honeymoon was in Honolulu, we decided on that location because of the ammount of quality dining options compared to the other islands. Hawaii is paradise, and probably the best destination for a honeymoon in my humble opinion. I also wouldnt want to be driving all over the place, not enought time to relax, and enjoy each others company if you are trekking all over the place.

          I am also a spoiled American, and didnt want to put up with some of the issues that can pop up in a foreign country(poor service, crime, tourist traps, beggars, etc). Like we had to endure in Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, and other Carribean islands. For my money I will take Hawaii, Florida, and Hilton Head, SC. over pretty much anywhere I've been. The one exception being the 2 weeks I spent in England, what a great country, and people.

          1. 11 years ago we did the very same thing. We toured northern & north central California. We flew into San Francisco, stayed a night there, rented a car. Drove to Napa and toured some wineries and ate, ate, ate. Drove back to San Fran for a few more days and again, ate, museums, etc. Then drove down the coast to Monteterey and spent the night (it was Halloween) at a beautiful inn in Carmel, The Normandy Inn. Then we headed over to Yosemite National Park and spent a night there before heading back to the city. It was a fantastic time... probably the best trip I've ever taken. We planned everything in advance but left room for leisure. So easy!

            NYC is obviously a great choice too. The food options there are practically endless.

            Which ever you chose... I think it's a great alternative to a random beach trip. Have a fabulous time!