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Oct 3, 2007 09:20 PM

Any can't miss eats in Huntington Beach/Fountain Valley/Westminster?

Coming to town for a couple of days and will have room for a full day's worth of meals. I'll have a car but don't really enjoy driving. Any options for good eats (preferably inexpensive/ethnic) within the general area?

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  1. I'm a sucker for Hawaiian food, so I'll recommend Loft off Beach Blvd. in HB. Be ready for a carb overload.

    Oh, and the shaking beef at S Vietnamese in W is pretty good too.

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    1. re: brekkie_fan

      Let's see,

      there's a Shinsengumi yakitori in F.V.,

      a number of good Vietnamese places, including Au Lac, a vegetarian/vegan place;

      a relatively inexpensive sushi bar, Shibucho, highly regarded by some, about 6 miles away in Costa Mesa, and

      a gang of Chinese places operated, and mostly patronized by the Vietnamese community, with very similar names (e.g. "Seafood Cove" "Seafood Castle' etc.)

      That's more than a day's worth.

      1. re: brekkie_fan

        I knew about the Loft in Torrance and Redondo but not HB. Thanks, good to know, close to Mom's.

        To add to the list, when I'm down there I go to Super Mex on Brookhurst in FV with my brother. Inexpensive (really inexpensive by NorCal standards), not mind blowing but very good solid Americanized Mexican food. Nice enough to take a family for a casual meal.

        1. re: ML8000

          You're welcome. There's also one in Cypress. I can live off their bacon fried rice.

      2. T K Burger (A great burger and really great buns too)
        110 Pacific Coast Highway
        Huntington Beach, California 92648
        (714) 960-3238

        Wings N Things Restaurant (Buffalo wings --Mild, Hot, Extra Hot, Beyond Hot , Beef on Weck, Ribs)
        18302 Beach Blvd
        Huntington Beach, CA 92648
        (714) 848-2767
        Cross Street: Between Ellis Ave and Taylor Dr

        Alertos Mexican Food (½ order of Asada or Carnitas Nachos plus...)
        17225 Brookhurst Street
        Fountain Valley, CA 92708
        (714) 593-0069

        Park Bench Café (good Breakfast & lunch plus A Dogs menu)
        (714) 842-0775
        17732 Goldenwest St (located in the park
        )Huntington Beach, CA

        Alice's Breakfast in the Park (Must try the cinnamon roll w/ breakfast)
        6622 Lakeview, (this place really is on the lake in the park)
        Huntington Beach, California
        (714) 848-0690

        1. Shinsengumi, on Brookhurst and Ellis; any number of Viet places, all dirt cheap (search for Little Saigon) -- I particularly love Com Tam Thuan Kieu and Vien Dong; Duke's on the HB Pier -- not because of the food, which is OK but nothing special, but because if you're from out of town how often are you going to get to dine and watch the sun set over the Pacific?

          1. Peruvian Kitchen on Warner in FV
            Lucias Tacos y Mulitas on Beach and Warner in HB
            Banh Mi Che Cali for (Surprise) banh mi - mulitple locations in Westminster

            1. You have to go to Tsuruhashi, it's a japanese BBQ grill at your table restaurant on Brookhurst just north of Garfield, next to Turner's Guns store. Prime and Kobe grade beef and other meats brought to your table, kim chee fried rice and bi bim bap available too. It'll probably run about $25-35 per person, but so worth it!