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Oct 3, 2007 09:18 PM

Halloumi in South Florida

Im planning my Thanksgiving dinner and as every year I like to add a different ethnic touch to its flavor. Last year was Thanksgiving a lo boricua, the year before was Thanksgiving gets sassy New Orleans style,th year before was Southwestern I've done a lot over the past 10 years pretty much have done everythng the American cuisine has to offer so now Im going outside its borders. This year Im going mediterrenean -- inspired by my husband's recent trip to lots of recipe books and ideas, but need to find a grocer (possibly greek or mediterrenean) in the South Florida area that may have most of the ingredients such as haloumi cheese...Can anyone tell me where in South Florida I can find greek, cypriot or mediterrenean food grocers? Also if anyone has an idea on how to prepare the cranberries with a greek touch -- I will appreciate it...that is the only thing I have not been able to find a recipe for...Thanks - May

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  1. There's a Greek grocery store -- mostly packaged and bulk stuff -- in Hollywood around Dixie and Fillmore. I think there's also a smaller one next door to Villa Rose Pizza on 441 about halfway between Hollywood Blvd. and Pembroke Rd.

    1. there is an Arabic grocers in Boca, called Damascus, on 20th St, by Dixie. They sell Halloumi, Feta, Tahina, beans, herbs and spices by the pound, stuffed grape leaves, halva etc. Nice guy who will get things for you if he doesn't stock it.

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        There's a very similar Middle Eastern grocery store in Miami called Daily Bread. They have two locations, one on US1 and about SW 24th Street (or right around there) and another further south on US1 around SW 124th Street. They make amazing fresh falafel and other goodies, and I know they have halloumi cheese and most of the regular Middle Eastern and Mediterranean staples.

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          I second Daily Bread. I know that they have Halloumi there.

          As for the cranberries, If you make a sweeter relish you might consider additions of some lemon/orange zest and crumbled feta.

          Perhaps, however, you might consider a cherry relish as a complete departure. Cherries go great with poultry. You can make a basic cherry relish by sauteeing them in a pan with sugar to taste until they just give up some of their liquid. Season with salt, pepper and some thyme and you've got a great sauce for pork or poultry. You'll probably have to make due with frozen cherries in November, but if you thaw them in a collander before cooking, it'll probably work out fine, so long as you don't over cook them to mush.

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            wow that cranberry/cherry relish idea sounds awesome. I especially like the idea of adding the feta. Thanks for the info! Thanks everyone else that had replied Im off shopping!

      2. In Miami you can find halloumi cheese at Norman brothers pn Galloway and Daily Bread. I personally love Daily Bread and you can ask them for recipes as well. They are helpful as long as they are not serving lunch. Lunch is very yummy there. Great greek salad and much more.

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          Daily Bread has the most amazing marinated red cabbage slaw that they put on falafel and other sandwiches and wraps. I've bought whole containers of it before, and I can eat that stuff with a fork all by itself. I wish I knew exactly what they use (vinegar, oil, spices, etc) or I'd make it all the time. But the whole place is awesome, yes.

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            If you're up north, Whole Foods (sorry) carries two brands-one was $8/lb. I was at the Aventura store yesterday, and they had plenty.

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              New Whole Foods store in Gables / South Miami had too.