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Oct 3, 2007 08:34 PM

Alternative to Cheese on Pizza?

I was recently telling a friend of mine about "white pizza" and she said it sounded great and she would like to try one. She then asked, "How do I make one?" So I proceeded to tell her how I made one... When I got to the cheese she said, "I can not eat cheese?" She is from South Africa and said when she orders a delivery pizza without cheese they put something on it, which she thought was a mix of something white, mayo tasting(???). So I pose the question, What would make a good alternative to cheese on a white pizza or even a regular pizza for that matter?

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  1. Can she not eat any dairy at all? Because if she can, she could use some drained yogurt, which has about the same consistency as cream cheese.

    Otherwise, there isn't anything that combines the flavour profile and meltability of cheese. I like cheeseless pizza, especially when the toppings have strong flavours, but I've never tried to replace the cheese with anything.

    Though you could use huitlaoche for a creamy, smoky taste not unlike some mature cheeses.

    1. I mean, it's not really pizza, of course, more like a flatbread, but I like pizza crust with hummus and roasted veggies on top ( I usually put a bit of goat cheese on, but I think it wold be OK without). Roasted sliced summer squash/zucchini is extra good because it has that sort of mushy-moist thing that is vaguely cheeselike (I mean, SORT OF).

      1. I have often eaten cheeseless pizza - just tomato sauce and a topping like mushrooms and green peppers...never bothered with a substitute for the cheese.

        1. Salad Pizza! One of my faves...
          You get a regular pizza sauced, no cheese, with a dressed salad on top. Very good.