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Oct 3, 2007 08:31 PM

Bakeries in downtown Seattle

Looking for a good bakery open late where I can grab a baquette or a nice loaf of artisan bread to go with dinner on the way home. I work at 4th and Madison, but can easily hop a bus for a few blocks North or South. Any suggestions? How late are the place at the Market open? I don't have time to go during lunch.

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  1. it is really too bad, all these places to live downtown and very few places to buy the necessities. Dahlia Bakery is open until 6pm 2001 4th Avenue. Also Macrina on 1st. 2408 1st Avenue.

    1. I know someone who works at Boulangerie Nantaise over on 4th ave in Belltown. It's open until 6 pm at night, like Dahlia. Also, Le Panier and 3 Girls in the market should be open until 6 pm as well. In the other direction, I think Grand Central is open later... hope this helps!

      1. You can buy baguette's at Belle Epicurean, on 4th between Seneca and University.

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          Thank you. I stopped by Belle during lunch for a baguette and also got myself a smoked salmon sandwich. Yum. What a great excuse to finally try this place. I will definitely be back soon.

          I am curious about the deviled egg salad sandwich on a croissant...

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            Oooh, I haven't seen that sandwich before. I'm dangerously close (one block away) so I'll definitely be trying that one. I love a good egg salad sandwich.

        2. now that you have discovered the ability to shop and lunch at the same time, you may really want to check out three girls bakery (post alley & pike place - adjacent to jack's fish spot) where they have a variety of excellent breads which they can ably transform into a plethora of great sandwiches. delaurenti's (1st/pike) also has a variety of breads but none made in-house

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            Actually, Three Girls Bakery, while stocking many fine breads, does NOT make their own bread but orders from numerous other bakeries. They DO, however, make most of their own sweet goods.