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Bucieras (Nuevo Vallarta - Royal Decameron)

I am considering a week at an AI, the Royal Decameron resort, mostly because family have already booked there. From web reviews I gather the food is somewhere between OK and terrible. Puerto Vallarta is at least half an hour away.

I am wondering if there is anywhere to eat in the nearby village of Bucieras. It's described as a fishing village. I am from Canada, so my standards for Mexican food are not that high... I am not expecting fine or mid-level dining, nor to experience great regional Mexican cuisine. Seriously, somewhere to get fresh, simple seafood, good tacos, a bakery.. that would make the trip for me.

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  1. You won't have any problem finding a place to eat in Bucerias. The town is divided by a river. Although there are restaurants on both sides there is a wider variety on the north side so get the cab to drop you off near the town square on the north side. Lots of places on the beach and one block off the beach so explore and enjoy.

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      Thanks... I just thought to google and even from google maps can see it's a real town bound to have some real chow! Thanks very much for your input. Now I just need to convince my husband to go :)

    2. I would easily reccomend Adauto's Beach CLub on the beach in downtown Bucerias. Great drinks, beautiful view and excellent food. It's a friendly place with some terrific dishes.

      1. I wnnt to the Roayal Decameron in Sep 2002 for my honeymoon, the food was fine but did get a bit repetetive so we went to Bucieras for a few meals found a lovely place on the beach where I had VERY freshly cooked lobster caught that day and my husband had red snapper both meals were absolutely gorgeous and were very very cheap. would recommend trying Bucieras as it was very basic but lovely. Hope this helps you

        1. I really appreciate everyone's replies, but there was so much food at the resort that I could not even think of eating when we left it!
          The food at Decameron was ok. Nothing special, but just unlimited guacomole and good pico de gallo (with good tomatoes) are so much more than we get in Toronto. They allow unlimited dinners at the seated restaurants and at this time of year getting reservations was no problem. The only special dish I had was the Mexican restaurant, the shrimp-stuffed poblano. The Italian restaurant had nice ambience and decent food as well - nice "greek" salad app with tasty cheese that tasted more like a chevre than
          feta. There was plenty of Mexican food at all breakfasts and lunches. Mediocre in quality I suppose but we were happy enough. I was disappointed at the almost total lack of fish or seafood, as the last AI resort I stayed at in Cuba had a very simple beachside grill with lovely grilled fish.

          1. I'm a foodie and I found the food at Royal Decameron very pedestrian/boring.

            Bucerias has some really good restaurants:

            Mark's Bar and Grill- contemporary cuisine, pricey
            Claudio's - Seafood restaurant on the beach as you head to Bucerias from Royal Decameron- their seafood and specials are some of the better deals around.
            Roots- A very good vegetarian restaurant on the same strip (I think it's Lazero Cadenas)
            Karen's Place- Probably one of the closest restaurants to your hotel Good food and prep.
            Sandarina's- again on same strip, Mediterranean fare, nice garden terrace dining, good desserts

            Cocina de Jorge- a little restaurant which does breakfast and lunch really cheap- good food located on the street just south of karen's place and one block east.

            Mark's is probably one of my favorites for dinner.

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              To add to salsailsa's list for anyone's future reference -

              The Red Apple - across the street from Sandrinas
              Adrianos - good seafood - beautiful sunsets - on water next to the town square
              Miguel Angels - good seafood and Mexican dishes - across from town square
              Dugarel Plays - great seafood - on water - down from Adrianos - my favorite for seafood

              Julesrules you missed some good seafood by not venturing out of the AI - especially at Dugarel Plays.

            2. Even though the original thread is almost a year old, I gotta mention Adauto in Bucerias. Do a search for Adauto on this board. It's unanimous that this place has great food. And everyone is right.

              1. Bucerias:
                Try a new place for breakfast and Lunch : Luna Luna
                Lovely garden and palapa setting, a black iguana lives here too.
                They make fresh OJ , and have excellent mexican breakast options. Also some vegetarian.
                Their Cofee is 100% Mexican Roasted By Cafe Oro Verde in Puerto Vallarta.
                Bread from the Italian baker down the street very fresh every day.
                Carla and Alex the owners will be taking care of you.

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                  I concur on Aduato, not to be missed and Mezzogiorno, owned by the guys from downtown PV Mesaluna [formerly] And kudos to Dugarel's Plays and the Oro Verde cafe which is my only cafe at my condo! Yum. Sometimes he has the Jaliscan crop and when that runs out he carries one from Veracruz...does his own roasting...aaaah. 2nd floor, don't be scared by the dark cafe.


                2. Not so much concerned with a place to eat, but can anyone recommend a local market in Nuevo Vallarta? I've been to Puerto Vallarta and didn't do any market trippin' there. Any replies would be great!

                  Thanks so much

                  PS: all the food recommendations will come handy though!

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                    There really isn't a Nuevo Vallarta. It's more a marketing concept that identifies where a lot of hotels, timeshare and condos are located. In fact the state of Nayarit is trying to get people to call the area Riviera Nayarit. I mention this to explain why you won't find a market in Nuevo Vallarta. There is a small expensive grocery store in the Paradise Village Mall. Just south of Bucerias is a Mega which is a very large Walmart-like grocery store with everything you would want. I don't spend much time in Bucerias except for restaurants but in driving through I don't recall a "market" but there are a number of Mini-Super stores.

                  2. We had a disappointing meal at Marks but in nearby La Cruz there's a great place called Frascati's Bar and Grill. Believe it or not, it's Italian and they make their own pasta! Service is great and it's really a pleasant surprise!

                    1. Mark's Bar & Grill is a favorite, but expensive. Adriatico's has a great garden bar. Adautos has superb seafood (some of the best shrimp I had!) and the owner is always around to make sure everything is perfect (he will say hi, but never overstay his welcome).

                      Sushi? How about Matsuri Shusi.

                      For breakfast, I recommend Sweet Things - Cinnamon buns are to die for.

                      I found all these and more on http://www.bestofbucerias.com

                      Still trying new places! Great little town.

                      1. Any updates to the list? I haven't been in 4 years but will be returning in early September. I can't wait - any new favorites and are the ones listed previously as good as ever? Thanks for any info!

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                          The most significant new restaurants not mentioned are in Nuevo Vallarta in a row off of the first major intersection from the second exit at the overpass of the highway towards the beach. La Dolce Vita for Italian, Gingers for Thai, a Tapas restaurant, a Sushi place and mor coming. For the address take a look at

                          Also in Nuevo Vallarta since you were here http://www.portobellovallarta.com/lou... and
                          http://www.prime159.com/ Both very good but expensive.