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Oct 3, 2007 08:10 PM

Knoxville- Unique food before a concert

My buddy and I are in the process of moving out to Utah from Vermont and will be spending the night in Knoxville tomorrow. We're staying right above the campus at the Four Points and going to the Perpetual Groove show at The Blue Cats.

We're looking for something that is quintessential Knoxville, or quality BBQ.

We'll also be in Nashville and Memphis the next two days, so feel free to shout anything out for there as well


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  1. While I'm not sure I would describe it as "unique," the fare at The Tomato Head in the downtown pedestrian mall is always fresh and flavorful with just about the only vegetarian options in Knoxville's culinary wasteland (lots of chains). It's also very close to where you're staying.

    Enjoy the show.

    1. For Knoxville try Litton's. It's not a chain and has great burgers and dogs. As for Nashville and Memphis see for more.

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        Littons is in Lenoir City, just north of downtown Knoxville and is the best burger I have ever had in a restaurant. Fresh cut fries!! mmmmmmm!!! Choppedonion is dead on here!! I love that place!

        1. re: Spreadhead

          Actually Litton's is in Fountain City, not Lenoir City. Fountain CIty is part of old north Knoxville. Anyway, it's on N. Broadway across from the eponymous fountain!

      2. Knoxville is not really a barbecue town. No suggestions there. In fact, Knoxville does not really have many good places to eat. Plenty of chains. Echo the comments on Litton's, though.

        1. Knoxville may not have great barbecue but it does have good barbecue. Buddy's is a local place with pork, beef, and chicken. Slow cooked-any of their sandwiches or plates will certainly give you great value for the price- and you eat in a "sort of" log cabin. Puleo's is also local with great Italian and Southern foods. Yes, that's right. An Italian chef with Southern roots. On the strip near UT is the Sunspot-great bar and unsual menu.