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Oct 3, 2007 07:55 PM

Great Bar in Edmonds/Mukilteo area?

Heading to the area this weekend (with no kids!), and my friend and I have promised ourselves a night of drinking, possibly dancing, snacking, a little flirtation-within a cab ride of her Edmonds/Mukilteo house. Any good recommendations? We like a place that isn't stiff or formal, music is nice, live music is great, good mixed drinks, not insanely expensive. No chain restaurants, please (not interested in partying at the Olive Garden). Help!

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  1. I have no suggestions for you except be prepared to wait for the cab. Cabs in the north end can take quite a while.

    1. That's quite some cab ride...
      Edmonds and Mukilteo are kind of far apart. Which town is closer?

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        There's no town between, so I suspect they border each other, with the possible exception of some unincorporated areas. If the house is half way between (say the Meadowdale area), then all of Lynnwood and south Everett are just as close as downtown Edmonds or Mukilteo. I suspect there are more bars on Hwy 99 than either downtown.


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          But would anyone really want to hang out at any of the bars on 99 between Edmonds and Mukilteo. Doesnt sound like the kind of evening they are looking for.

      2. Diamond Knot down by the Mukilteo ferry is fun. Live music on Saturdays, little couches and lounges to hang out on. Peanut shells for a floor. (It's a brewery though... not sure if they are keen on mixed drinks. Ivar's next door is, and they have a great view and some great happy hour specials. Not much more than that.)

        Rory's Pub down by the Edmonds ferry is fun too. Not sure if they have live music or not. They would be more likely to have mixed drinks. They have a great view.

        Both are good times, casual, fun, nice crowd.