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Oct 3, 2007 07:55 PM


Please help! I need a restaurant with good food and ambiance (on the elegant side) to take a friend out for a birthday dinner - in or relatively close to Costa Mesa. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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  1. ambrosia in santa ana?

    what kind of food are you looking for?

    1. How about The Ritz Restaurant in Newport Beach? Took my fiance there for his birthday one year, and we enjoyed the ambiance and food.

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      1. re: brekkie_fan

        I hadn't been to The Ritz in several years, but I thought the ambience leaned towards being like a gentlemen's club, with the dark decor & the low cut french maid waitress outfits. Is it still like that? The profiteroles were good, though.

        1. re: empfam

          I guess when I think elegant, that it leans more towards old school/classic. Mastros is trendy, but not necessarily elegant. You know, maybe I'm comparing the crowds to the ambiance now. I see more Antonellos for elegant. Marche Moderne for trendy.

      2. Go to Mastros Ocean Club in Newport Coast. It's a great time.

        1. Antonello's near South Coast Plaza is always good for a celabratory dinner.

          1. The Bungalow on PCH in Corona Del Mar, they have a nice courtyard out back with a fireplace and I love their food.