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Oct 3, 2007 07:46 PM

Mark Bittman bread

Can any one tell me where to find this recipe...I am intrigued

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  1. Look for Lahey or no-knead bread in the Home Cooking board.

      1. Here's a link from Jaden's Steamy Kitchen where she revisits the No Knead Bread.

        great link with photos of each step of the bread prep

        And here's the link from the Home Cooking board

        1. Now that New York Times archives are out from the pay-wall, you can also just go to that website and search for the original article and video. (

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          1. re: k_d

            The video really helps along with the original article. There was also a subsequent article (after the original one) synthesizing the feedback and refinements Bittman got from readers. They are all findable on the NYT site. (Try searching for Bittman and bread.)

          2. the original article

            here's the link for related NY Times video

            could not find subsequent article as mentioned by kary but would be interested in reading it too.

            Hope these help

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            1. re: wintkat

              Agree with yayadave that there are a vast number of threads already on Chowhound that you should check out. The followup Bittman article, with steps for fine-tuning, I found more useful than the original article. It's listed on this thread: