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Oct 3, 2007 06:57 PM

What should I order when I go to Lotus of Siam?

we are heading to Las Vegas and obviously need to eat at Lotus of Siam. Is there any special dish that can not be missed? also, should we go for lunch or dinner or does it make any difference???

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  1. As far as lunch or dinner, from what I've read, lunch is a great option, just don't go buffet. Order off the menu. No lunch service on Sat/Sun.

    Reposting rest from your other post:
    I'll chime in as I am LOS obsessed but definitely not one of the LOS pros here.

    Last meal there we had...
    -the Nam Kao Tod (would definitely try this as it is a board fave), minced sour sausage mixed with green onion, fresh chili, ginger, peanut, crispy rice, tons of fresh herbs, and lime juice - the sausage is chopped tiny, tiny so don't expect to see chunks of it.
    -a softshell crab salad (haven't seem mentioned as it's a special & not on the menu - got it when I asked for it last time though - this is one of my personal faves) with chopped chilis, cilantro, mint, bean sprouts, green apple, peanutes, jullienne carrots, julienne red peppers, cashews. I have been craving this daily for well over a month now.
    -excellent shrimp curry with cognac sauce (regular special)
    -wonderful drunken noodles with chicken
    -out of this world sticky rice with mango and coconut ice cream. (Do NOT pass on the coconut ice cream or sticky rice. I would never ever miss this.)

    You can also ask the staff there for help. Last time Tony led us with some recommendations & I would definitely trust him again - told him what like/are looking for.

    You can also search the boards for recommendations. Dave Feldman is Mr. LOS - maybe been there 100+ times? Here are some notes I have on his recs that I have on my list to try:

    -khao soi (personal fave)
    -hoh mok plar (personal fave)
    -smoky sheetfish soup
    -green chilie dip especially recommended if group likes spicy dishes
    -northern pork stew especially for garlic lovers
    -northern larb, wetter than southern variety.
    -sua rong hai - outstanding charbroiled beef dish - not too spicy

    1. It really is a good idea to let the servers guide you through based on your own taste preferences, since there are so many dishes off of the main menu that are outstanding, and there are a lot of specials based on what they brought back from the markets. The softshell crab salad referred to above is one of them; they also do it with prawns when they do not have softshell's available. If you ask for the "Ocha" salad they will know what you are referring to. Among the other current favorites not on the menu is "Peppercorn Beef", which you can combine with one of the seafood dishes for a unique surf and turf (the Scallops with Red Curry pair wonderfully with the beef dish, creating a nice contrast and helping to bring out some of the subtler aspects of each).

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      1. re: QAW

        My first time there was last Sunday. You have to try the softshell crab salad if it is available.
        Our server made some recommendations with a little input from us. Everything exceed our expectations. You are in for a treat!

        1. re: foodiefromfl

          What did you have? I CRAVE that salad.

          1. re: ccl1111

            Did I ever respond to you? Can't remember, but anyways. We had the larb, softshell crab salad, coconut chicken soup, a rice noodle dish that our server recommended and Thai basil chicken. We went back a second time and tried the northern larb, a curry dish, the same soup and salad. I am definitelt going to try the sausage dish and coconut ice cream next time we go.
            Absolutely loved the food at LOS!

      2. No expert here, but the bbqed catfish is the best whole fish dish I've ever eaten. Other seafood specials have been outstanding also. Of course the nam kao tod is superb.

        LOS is expert at matching reasonably priced rieslings with the food.

        Staff knowledgable and helpful.

        1. KarenNYC

          I'm so glad you asked this. I'm heading to Las Vegas next week and I want to eat at LOS too. I've poured over the board (yelling "I'm not worthy" regarding Dave Feldman - some one said that when they got there they were just going to holler "Is Dave Feldman in the building", I laughed till Mr CF got annoyed with me) and I've written down a few of the must haves:

          The Nam Kao Tod
          The Salmon Panang
          The Garlic & Pepper wings
          The Crispy Catfish Salad
          and the Mango with sticky rice

          My only concern with LOS is that I can't have shell fish in any variety including oyster sauce. I will ask our waiter/waitress and Bill (who I don't know but have heard so much about) what I should do. I hope its not.... Leave now. :-)

          At any rate I'm bringing my EPI pen and a few girlfriends for taster/back-ups. One's an RN!

          Have fun!

          1. Gee, I feel like I don't have much to add. :-)

            I'm going to be in Las Vegas myself this coming week. Any Chowhounds want to meet up for a meal at Lotus. Karen? Cookiefiend? My email address is listed in my profile.