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Oct 3, 2007 06:49 PM

Sichuan near T line/ Cambridge

Here is the challenge. I am in Cambridge for one lunch. I want something I cannot get here at home: AUTHENTIC Sichuan. I can handle the hot stuff (I head to Grand Sichuan in NYC as my first stop and go all out with spicy dishes swimming in chilis and peppercorns). I have poured over your great posts but am making sure I am not missing something.

Mary Chungs is closed the day I am there (Tues)

Qingdao Garden-it looks promising even though the online menu is not extensive Sichuan, but I don't like (or have time, only one visit) to play that game where I am western and therefore I like it bland, sweet, or gloopy sauced. I am a little stressed that people are having to build a report over many visits to get the goods or it depends how the wait staff that day assesses your chili worthiness.

The Sichuan Gourmet in Brookline will take to long to get to as well as some of these other suburban places mentioned throughout threads.

Last time I was in Boston, I easily made my way to China Town, are there any good places there or elsewhere in the city easily accessible by T line?

If I were to be in heaven there would be a sichuan place that decided to branch off and offer good Shanghai soup dumplings as well. Or there would be a Sichuan place right next to a soup dumpling place...I know, I am dreaming. I just dont want to travel so much that I cannot take in a museum or shop. Thanks for ideas. I'll be in town next tues and checking in periodically as I will be in the road eating clams and such.

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  1. Sichuan Garden is the closest, but the lunch there is prepared by a different gang of people. I think it's just American-Chinese combos. It's sort of a similar situation at Mary Chung, but they don't serve blow-your-head-off awesome food anyway, even at dinner or brunch. Chinatown isn't the place for Sichuan.

    Find a way to get to Medford, Malden, Billerica, Framingham or Woburn.

    1. I've had good Sichuan off the regular menu for lunch at Sichuan Garden, but maybe always on weekends, can't remember. Anise at Kendall would be most convenient but I have no personal experience (Hounds: Any recent reports on lunch there?) FuLoon in Malden is on the T (Orange line) but check they're not running buses on part of the route. Search for recent reports. Qingdao is *not* what you're looking for. Zoe's is near Porter but not all that near and recent reports have been spotty. You could cab to Chilli Garden in Medford from Davis Sq. Or you could switch plans--go to Chinatown for Shanghaiese at Wing's or New Shanghai.

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        They serve the whole menu; including the Chinese menu at lunch midweek at SG/Brookline..just have to ask as most people go for lunch specials.

        Dinner last month at Anise was good, not up to it's early raves. Dining room eerily empty, maybe lunch is more lively.

        Wings was great for lunch this week..meatball, soup dumplings, eggplant/garlic.

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          I'm not a big fan of Anise - I think it's rather overpriced and though they have a couple tradiational Sichaunese dishes, the rest of the menu I find to be really just Americanized Chinese.

          That said, just down the street is MuLan, which is Taiwanese, but has some surprisingly spicy, more Sichuan-style dishes. In particular, the MuLan yupian (house special fish) is served in a very spicy broth with Sichuan peppercorns that reminds me of the hot pot I used to eat in Chongqing.

          1. re: xiaoguniang

            I much prefer Mulan to Anise..and love that fish dish at Mulan. Not sure how T friendly Mulan is though.??

            I was just responding to Aroma's question re Anise..Anise is also very convenient to Kendall Theater..Like I said, good..not great...few hits, few misses..and they did bring the heat when we asked.

      2. In Cambridge, there's Anise in Kendall Square. They get mixed reviews for dinner, but are a local favorite for lunch.

        They're a short walk from the Kendall stop on the Red Line. You'll find them in the One Kendall Square complex - pretty much in the middle of their courtyard. From the T stop walk through the hotel and turn left. Follow Broadway about three blocks and you'll find One Kendall on the right.

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          The Sichuan Garden right off Rte 95 (128) in Woburn is very good for lunch. Although they have a standard lunch menu just ask them for the regular menu when you are seated. Sichuan Garden is one of the best Chinese places in the area for this style of food.

        2. Shangri-la on Belmont St. in Belmont is accessible by the T, and isn't far from Cambridge. It is very good. You can check some of the posts on this board.

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            True, but I don't think it's the place for full-out Sichuan.

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              How do you get there by T? Or do you mean the commuter rail?

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                  I'd be on the red line, but just in general I don't know of any T stop that goes anywhere near Belmont (perhaps Alewife is close). I was just curious if you were including the bus/commuter rail with "T line"

            2. According to trip planner, you can take the 73 bus from Harvard. It is the Waverly Square/Mt. Auburn bus. You get off at the corner of Belmont St. and Oxford Ave.

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                Right, so it requires a bus beyond the T ... that's what I was trying to figure out.