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Oct 3, 2007 05:54 PM

Steak Tartar

Where is the best place to get Steak Tartar?

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  1. Here's the most recent discussion (last July)

    Search the board for "tartare" for others.

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    1. re: carswell

      Most important if you want to be sure your tartare is good is too see the piece of filet before they cut it. In 70's and 80 's they made tartare at the table one of my favourite places was P.J. Clark's on Third avenue in NY. In Montreal there are few places where I would venture to eat tartare to my knowledge if you have a good reccomendation ?

    2. You really need to know and trust the establishment. Canlis has a fantastic tartare that I always order when I visit. Simply perfect and delicious.

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      1. re: skisvalley

        There are very few places I trust to make a tartare. There are so many hacks that have no respect for the proper preparation of a good Tartare.

        I have been eating the Tartare at L'Express since the early 80's and it has been consistently well prepared, and I am still standing to write this today despite what some folks say about raw meat... ... ;~>

        1. re: skisvalley

          Well, the next time I'm in Seattle, I'll make sure to check it out. How about somewhere I can get to by public transit.

        2. I love tartar and have it often enough as I like to review such things, where I had the best tartar in Montreal was at L'Aromate on Peel, M sur Masson on Masson St. and Trois Petits Bouchon on St. Denis street.
          My favorite tartars are tuna and bison however and those I often make at home instead.
          Good luck!

          1. I went on a Steak Tartar mission not too long ago. And I must admit, though the atmosphere is a bit over the top, the best tartar was served at Rosalie. It was cut by hand, and it was very well seasoned.
            I also enjoyed a very good tartar at L'Express, Chez Leveque (at Chez Leveque, the waitress made us pre-taste the tartar and asked us if we wanted to make modifications to the seasoning)

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            1. re: foodie_mtl

              Did you try it at Lemeac? I've had theirs a few times now and always enjoy it.

              The presentation puts me off a little though. It resembles nothing so much as a can of wet cat food up-ended on the plate.

              1. re: phedre

                Oh dear, being a cat-ownee that would bother me.

                Has anyone had any of the tartares at Masaï?

                1. re: phedre

                  I just had it there on Saturday (@ Leméac) and was not fully satisfied. The tartar at Chez Leveque was better imo

              2. I once had the steak tartare at Le Caveau (downtown Montreal, corner of Victoria and President Kennedy, behind the McCord Museum). They presented the filet to me, asked me how I like my tartare prepared (i.e. spicy, more pepper than mustard, etc), then presented me with a tiny spoonful on a plate to sample (to test that it was seasoned to my taste) before bringing me the full plated tartare and accompanying frites. I thought it was quite well done. Le Caveau is a very traditional French resto. I ate in the downstairs bar versus the more formal upstairs dining room, but it was still wonderful to receive such service and attention to detail. One of my more expensive weekday lunches out, to be sure, but very reasonable for the experience and, considering I had locked myself out of the house that day and things were going poorly in general, it was awfully nice to be cared for and fed so well. I recommend it.