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Oct 3, 2007 05:33 PM

Sona's On Ventura Blvd??

I am going with a group of 6 this Thursday night for dinner. Does anyone know of this place? I wish it was the Sona on La Cienega but it is the one on Ventura Blvd.. CitySearch and Yelp reviewers gave it very poor marks. What do the HOUNDS have to say? Thanks

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  1. Ehh, Foods OK nothing special. I've stopped going because the service the last few times we went was horrendous. We went once for breakfast, six kids and four adults, we were there three friggin hours and they screwed up the orders big time. I even told them not to bring my order out since everyone else had already eaten and we had been there almost three hours already. After that last experience we said never again.

    1. You won't have much more time to say anything as the restaurant has been sold and will be converted to another concept by the new owners. Posting notice on the window as of Sept. 17.

      1. Do yourselves a favor and go someplace else. Perhaps Gorikee, in Woodland Hills, would work for you?