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Oct 3, 2007 05:29 PM

Best NYC grilled cheese

That NYTimes article (
)made me hungry, but LA's a bit out of my range. My local diner does a respectable job, but where in the city can you get a really good grilled cheese?

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  1. 'wichcraft has a good one made with cheddar, bacon, and apple slices on pumpernickel.

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        1. Sandwich Planet does a mean grilled cheese. Even better when it's done on stirato.



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            1. re: Nosher

              I actally had a really bad grilled cheese from Sandwich Planet recently, and I was shocked because I usually love everything I get from there. The bread was bone dry, and it seems that it had been pressed instead of grilled. Maybe it was an off day.

              1. re: Toot

                What's on the Bouchon Bakery grilled cheese? I love Bouchon and I love grilled cheese, so I just might have to try this sandwich this week!


                1. re: Eddie H.

                  It's just a grilled cheese sandwish, I believe they use gruyere. They serve it with a tomato soup, it's quite tasty.

                  1. re: Toot

                    Looks like I may be taking a long lunch break tomorrow... Thanks Toot!