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Oct 3, 2007 05:05 PM

Where to eat lunch near Point Lobos State Reserve?

After hiking at Point Lobos for a few hours in the morning, where would be a nice place nearby to eat lunch before heading back up to Pacific Grove? We prefer casual healthy places. Thanks!

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  1. Well, there isn't any place nearby except for fast food and Starbucks. It's not that far from Pacific Grove. Carmel is even closer.

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      Sea Harvest Fish Market is just as close as Starbucks and the fast food (in the Crossroads Center on Rio Rd about a mile north of the park off of Highway 1; next stoplight to the North, I believe); has a patio, is casual and has healthy (though not necessarily dirt cheap) alternatives, and is open for lunch weekends.

      However, I would picnic at Lobos. Much better view, and once you get there you won't want to leave!

      Edited to add: the cursed places link added the wrong Fish Market and it won't let me fix it!

      Sea Harvest Fish Market
      2420 Highway 1, Moss Landing, CA 95039

      1. re: susancinsf

        Definitely second the picnic idea.

    2. there is Power Juice in Crossroads center in Carmel along highway 1 and Cornucopia health foods on Carmel Rancho Blvd behing the Barnyard center.

      1. You could pick up picnic supplies (weather permitting) at Safeway or Whole Foods. There are tables in the park. Also, the California Market at the Highlands Inn is great in all respects, food, view and atmosphere. It is a couple miles from the park.