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Oct 3, 2007 04:49 PM

Fette Sau

How is the Bourbon selection? And what are the prices for Bourbon like?

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  1. Extensive, and fairly moderate in price, considering they quantity they give you and the obscurity of the labels ($9 - 12 I think).

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    1. re: cmballa

      Prices are very reasonable - some selections even fall in the $6-8 range, if my memory serves me correctly. If a better bourbon list exists in Brooklyn, then I have yet to find it.

      1. re: CalJack

        Bar BQ's in the South Slope/Greenwood Heights also has an extensive list; from what I recall it's comparable in price to Fette Sau's. They also have a free bourbon special on Monday evenings from 7-9pm (they pick the special of the week, you drink it for free).

        Bar BQ
        689 6th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

        1. re: brooklynr

          Sorry, just had to chime in here. With all due respect. BarBBQ's free bourbon hour is a disgusting mess. I love the place, I really do, but on that night it gets packed to the walls with frat boys and hipsters all trying to get at the bar for the booze. None ordering food, some buying beers, but generally just standing and squeezed together in a rather small dining area.In my experience at least. Go on a weekend.

    2. One of the better selcetions around. There beer selection while trying isn't to my taste.

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      1. re: MOREKASHA

        The beer is inconsistent. But sometimes they have great choices. Also the gallon is a great bargain, and makes you forget about the dried-out pork shoulder you just ate.

        1. re: cmballa

          Dried out pork shoulder? They wouldn't happen to have BYOF then, would they?

        2. re: MOREKASHA

          Of course if you don't like the beer there you can always go across the street to their sister bar (same ownership) Spuyten Duyvil, that has one of the best beer selections in Brooklyn.

          1. re: Woodside Al

            I don't think BYOB and BYOF at the same place will work out, I suppose I should stick w/ Ranger Texas at Legends when I want some BBQ.

            1. re: JacksonH

              BYOF? Don't be ridiculous. The food at Fette Sau is fine.

          2. re: MOREKASHA

            But, seriously, I don't really know what people think is wrong with their beer selection. Every time I've been there they had several good American microbrews on tap. The Brooklyn Pils is easily avoided if you don't like their product. Certainly better than any of the other BBQ places in town. And the bourbons are a perfect addition. But I really have to watch myself when drinking that stuff.

            My only serious complaint is the lack of variety in sauces. They really need to get some serious N.C. vinegar sauce for that shoulder, and a nice spicy Alabama/Mississippi style red would be really welcome for the ribs. Oh, and vinegar slaw...

            1. re: Woodside Al

              Yeah - I'm not much of a beerhound, but I think the CM's Liquid Gold goes really well with the BBQ. The sauce doesn't really do it for me either. It's strange - because that's pretty fixable.

              1. re: dark knight

                I've managed to recreate a Texas-style sauce by combining their 'sauce' with vinegar and ketchup in exacting amounts. It's an annoying task, but I suppose you can push it in any direction that you wish by adjusting proportions (Carolina, Mississippi, and so on).

                1. re: cmballa

                  Bingo. They provide the ingredients to blend the sauce to your own taste... vinegar, catsup, generic BBQ sauce, maybe a hot sauce too (?). I think this is how Fette Sau intended to avoid taking sides in the national debate about what a proper BBQ sauce is...

                  1. re: K2000

                    No, I think they just don't know better, or have much idea about what the sauces should be. They're not "real" bbq people -- they're Brooklyn bar-owners / and now restauranteurs.

                    In any case I agree w/ the concensus here that the sauce sucks. And cmballa must be a chemist to salvage something decent out of it.

                    The sides in fact are appallingly bad, which of course is par for the course at a "real" Tx-style bbq restaurant. I no longer even try them at this point.

                    And the pork shoulder has been dry every time I've had it. (Although a friend, who has roasted several pigs in his day, told me it was good a couple weeks ago.)

                    On the bright side, bourbon selection = great. Beer = good. (The selection is a little to stouty-browny-portery for my taste, but there's always something to drink.)

                    Overall I'd say the meat is good to very good. Brisket, boneless beef shoulder, pastrimi all often great. Ribs reliably fine.

                    1. re: Jack Barber

                      Just keep trying with your sauce! I believe in you.

                      I do like this place an awful lot, but these days I'm quite into Roebling Tea Room (maybe because it isn't summer anymore).

              2. re: Woodside Al

                i've been very satisfied with the beer i've had there. first time around we had a gallon of the chocolate stout, which i loved. on our last visit, i think we had sixpoint righteous rye (though i could be wrong about that). great stuff as well, and the prices are very reasonable.

                not to put too fine a point on it, but the sauce sucks. fortunately the meats seem to have improved so that it's not as much of an issue ( but still damn annoying). the last shoulder i had there was a far cry from the leathery stuff i remembered.

            2. Fette Sau has become one of my favorite spots in Bburg. i take all my friends there, visitors, i just went with my in-laws! and everybody loves it. i do because of many reasons, but mainly the beer!! their selection is excellent.

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              1. re: nothingface

                i think its one of the top bbq places in the city. i just wish i got to go more often.

                im a bit bored with rub and hill country these days but the food at fette sau is always solid. their sides suck though.