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Oct 3, 2007 04:45 PM

What to order at Chicory?

Any recommendations for a vegetarian? Is the macaroni and cheese creamy or not so much? How are the seitan sandwiches? I'm starving and I just don't know if I can eat crispy tofu from Chance yet again.

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  1. Hi,

    I am not a vegetarian so I can't help with the seitan question. If you eat fish the fish tacos are really good. The mac n' cheese is not so creamy, it is very good. I love their collard greens if they have them and their mediterranean salad is truly delicious. So is the beet salad.

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    1. I've had a Seitan Das Kraut before and it was good, although they overdid it with the kraut a little.
      The mac and cheese is not overly creamy and is also really good, as are the fries.

      1. Fries with truffle mayo are great! They're more like belgian frites than typical fries...a little wetter/more substantial inside, if that makes sense. I'm not too fond of the fried chicken--it has a very thick but flavorless crust. I've really enjoyed their tuna sandwich.