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Oct 3, 2007 03:44 PM

MUST TRY eats in Pittsburgh...suggestions please ;)


Visiting Pittsburgh from tonight (Wednesday) until Friday morning and would like to know people's suggestions for some MUST TRY places in the area.

Thursday night we're doing omakase at Chaya (one of my favs during my years at Carnegie Mellon)

Basically would love to know of a place to eat for dinner tonight (will be done with an information session at around 8ish pm) and perhaps lunch tomorrow and lunch/dinner Friday ;)

We're staying in the Shadyside area but have a car and are willing to drive a little around to grab something yummy and special to Pittsburgh, thanks!!!


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  1. I'd normally recommend Dish, but a recent poster or two have had iffy experiences there of late.

    People have had recent good luck at Kaya, although it's not one of my faves. Also Nine on Nine (haven't eaten there yet myself).

    However, in all seriousness, the only "Must Have" I can think of is the pancetta at Parma Sausage - eaten right from the case in all its nutmeggy goodness. Or pair it up with some fresh ricotta from Penn Mac down the street and some bread from Cafe Richard. You've got something special there.

    Everything else you can get might be a let down on any given day. But that one simple sandwich won't be. So why not try that for lunch tomorrow.

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      For me, when I get back to Pgh, my must haves are pancakes at Pamela's and O fries.

      1. re: Chris VR

        If you're staying in Shadyside you got it made! Head to 733 Copeland St or for Girasole!!!

    2. Check out the Church Brew Works on Liberty Avenue. The food is pretty good, it brews it's own beer and has a cool atmosphere.

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