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Oct 3, 2007 03:16 PM

Help w/finding Little Italy restaurant

15 years ago I went to a small, Italian restaurant in Little Italy. It didn't have much of a frontage and we had to knock on the door in order to enter. Would anyone happen to know the name of this, or a similar, restaurant?

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  1. Mategrano's? Sound familiar?

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    1. re: jbw

      I can't even begin to remember the name. I just remember it was a small bldg, good food and we sat at a large round top table in the back. If Mategrano's is it, does it still exist?

      1. re: sgid

        Believe that you are referring to Vernon Park Tap...which is on Vernon Park

        1. re: marilyn9

          I don't think you had to knock on the door to get in 15 years ago at VPT, and nowadays they have valet service . Nevertheless, a good place to go if you want the Little Italy experience (and great lemon chicken).

          If it was indeed Mategrano's (or Mantegrano's) I don't believe it's still there. At least it hasn't come up on any of my searches

          1. re: jbw

            A little bit more on Mategrano's. It was at 1321 W. Taylor, on the south side of the street. Now, apparently, a Bar Louie (sigh). But the more I think about it, the more I think that the below-mentioned Gennaro's--on the north side at 1352--is the one you're looking for.

            1. re: jbw

              It's probably Gennaro's. Dont' forget to try Tufano's on Vernon Park.

    2. Genarro's. Definitely have to knock on the door.

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      1. re: masha

        Here's a description of Gennaro's, see if this sounds like the place:

        1. re: Amata

          I was thinking it was Gennaro's also, but I'd never been to VPT, so I figured the votes for VPT had it figured out.

      2. Yeah, I think you're referring to Tufano's Vernon Park Tap at 1073 W. Vernon Park. It's an old school Italian restastaurant on an off the beaten path residential street, been around 60 years since WWII. Great food for very reasonable prices. Entrees are priced at $9-$15.
        CASH ONLY!