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Oct 3, 2007 03:07 PM

Seeking Food & Wine Recipe--Silver Cake


I have been tasked with creating the cake for my mother's 60th birthday (the big one!). A couple of years ago, Food and Wine sent out their 25th anniversary issue with this gorgeous cake on the cover, and I believe it was a white cake with some kind of meringue or 7-minute icing. She actually mentioned then that she would want that cake for her 60th bday, so I've been trying desperately to find the recipe, but I can't seem to find it on F&W's website. Does anyone have a copy of the magazine or know where to find the recipe?

Alternatively, if you have any other ideas for a beautiful and tasty cake with a lofty white frosting that will look appropriately impressive, please share!


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  1. I've been given the task for baking my mom's cake for her 92nd birthday. (a big one too, at that age any birthday is a big one!). I hope someone will post a recipe for the cake you requested since it sounds like the perfect cake for me to bake as well. Let's hope someone posts the recipe soon!

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      Could it have been the Angel Cake from 2003? It's decorated with silver dragees, and has a marshmallow frosting. I seem to remember it was on the cover.

      1. re: middydd

        that's it! thank you so much!!!!

      2. re: jackie de

        Plan ahead if you want good quality silver dragées. They're sometimes hard to find and outlawed in California. You may have to search online to get nice ones.

        1. re: MakingSense

          Oh no, really? The cake needs to be ready by Sat. If they aren't up here (I'm in CT/RI/MA, traveling back and forth), do you know of another type of silvery decoration that might work? Or gold leaf or something?

          1. re: ginqueen

            You might find silver luster dust, which you could then paint onto almond paste, or white chocolate.

            1. re: ginqueen

              Try Williams-Sonoma, Sur La Table, or a Wilton store. Call around first. Sometimes store have them and then every now and then, they disappear from store shelves.
              For some reason, health nannies think we'll die from metal poisoning eating a few dragées on a piece of cake. I don't even know what they use on them. Frankly don't care.

        2. Have you tried looking by issue? If you go to "Magazine" on their website, you can look at all of the features and recipes for each issue going back to 2002. It may be easier than doing a general recipe search.

          1. If you can't find that recipe, try the Cake Bible by Rose Levy Berenbaum. She's got some great meringue type icings.