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Oct 3, 2007 02:55 PM

I NEED a true lobster experience.. Around boston

I dont have enuff time to get to do u rec essex house? ...or Jt Farnhams...?
or somewhere in boston ? this is important. i only get a lobster 1/yr . i fly from LA for this event. not fancy.

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  1. Since you're coming from LA, I assume you want to eat-in as opposed to picking up Lobsters at the wharf and cooking them yourself. A decent option would be Summer Shack (locations in Cambridge and Back Bay). Though the place is not a "shack," as the name would imply, it is not fancy either.

    1. When I NEED lobster, I go to Essex Seafood, as you mentioned, to get a twin lobster special, bring a bottle of wine, and go for it...They often do a 'lobster bake", which includes steamers and corn, if you require those. It ay also include chowder, but don't waste spaceon those...

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. I like lobster in the rough at the Lobster Pool in Rockport, but they're seasonal and might not be open for much longer.

          Mt Vernon's in Somerville serves a twin lobster special. Talk about cheap and not fancy.

          1. the purple shamrocks and there two other restaurants next to it serves lobster for like under $15