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Oct 3, 2007 02:47 PM

Freezing Fish [Moved from New Orleans board]

I have an abundance of fresh fish, trout, drum, redfish and flounder. What is the best freezing method? Submerged in water and then frozen has been recommended.

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  1. Yes, place fish in ziploc and add some water and the fish. They freeze very well this way. Another method is tho put fish in ziploc seal, then place in another ziploc that has water in it...this works also works well.

    1. Cryovac . If you don't have a "Food Saver" consider buying one. Great for everything. Makes defrosting easy too. Just drop the bag in a sink of cold water. 1 1/2" ribeyes defrost in 30 minutes without blood loss. Tilia brand only.'

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        second the "food saver" idea. I use 1 of the Tilia models..about $150 and worth every penny. I freeze a lot of fish..with no loss in flavor or texture.

      2. Submerged in water is the best I've found...ziplocs work well b/c you can ensure that the fish is completely covered with water. But you can use regular plastic containers, just be sure to use containers that accomodate the fish & enough water to completely surround/cover. Never tried vac-sealing seafood, so I don't know how well it works.