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Oct 3, 2007 02:41 PM

Recommended dishes at KO Prime

Earlier I had posted trying to decide which of the "non-chain steakhouses with a twist" that have opened recently to go to for my husband's birthday. I decided on KO Prime (despite the mixed reviews) - it seemed like the best choice for a "big piece of meat" sort of dinner, but with enough interesting stuff to make it a bit different than the classic steakhouse. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for what to order? I am guessing my husband will go after the bone marrow since he has liked it so much at Eastern Standard and Craigie Street Bistrot, but beyond there anything that was particularly good?

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  1. While my experience there was lukewarm overall, I thought the sides were terrific, especially the mixed wild mushrooms. Small portions, but delicious.

    1. It's been a while, but standouts for me were the bone marrow with oxtail "jam", the charcuterie plate, and sweetbread nuggets, the flavorful skirt steak with North-African spices, and sides such as the rich and cheesy aligot potatoes, and the purple Okinawan sweet potato mash with anise oil and fried shallots.

      KO Prime
      90 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02108

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        rubee those have been the standouts for me as well. Jamie's charcuterie is off the hook, best in boston as far as i am concern. His willingness to be adventurous is great and always turns out delicisiously. I dont really care for the sweetness of the okinawa sweet potatoes, but the evas pea greens are the best ever.

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          <Jamie's charcuterie is off the hook, best in boston as far as i am concern>

          I agree! I love what he does, and am a big fan. Hmmm. I think it's time to go back to KO Prime.

          1. re: Rubee

            ditto, ditto. finally got there recently and the charcuterie and bone marrow were freaking awesome! Hello - pig ear terrine! Mmmmmm.

            Mushroom side was great. Also really loved the hanger steak I had. W-O-W.

            1. re: MB fka MB

              Just had another chance to try some of Jamie Bissonette's fantastic charcuterie at a LUPEC function this past weekend. Wow. I think I had one of everything offered that night - with highlights being the antelope terrine, and sausage. He's immensely talented - I REALLY have to get back to KO Prime.

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            How does the charcuterie at KO Prime compare with ones at The Butcher Shop?

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              Good question, I'd be interested in that too. I've never (believe it not) been to The Butcher Shop.

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                It's been a while since I've been to the Butcher shop, but I feel safe in saying that it simply does not compare to the one at KO Prime.

          3. The charcuterie plate is by far the best in boston also Jamies foie gras terrine is amazing. The wagyu tartare is so good served with a raw egg. There are many great cuts of meat that will not break the bank such as the skirt steak and the hangar steak.

            1. Thanks for all of your suggestions. We tried the bone marrow and the charcuterie plate for appetizers. They were both really good - the bone marrow portion was impressive (although the manager made a comment when he stopped by our table to check on things that it looked like we had gotten the biggest bones he had seen come out of the kitchen in quite a while so the portions might be somewhat variable). However, my husband who is training for a marathon and now perpetually hungry was not going to complain... The charcuterie plate had three kinds of homemade sausage, two different terrines and two kinds of cured meat. My favorites were their take on summer sausage and the antelope terrine. For dinner, I ordered the Kobe Flat Iron with Romanesco sauce. It was very tender and cooked perfectly medium rare. The sauce was very good, but could have used a tiny bit more kick. Overall, it was nice and tasty, but not quite blow me away good. My husband had the aged NY Strip - which was blow me away good from the one taste I tried. It was butter knife tender and yet still amazingly "beefy". He also raved about it. We had the mixed mushrooms and potato/garlic gratin for sides. Both were good - especially the mushrooms which were delicious with my steak (they brought in just enough extra flavor to make it more interesting). For dessert we split the chocolate bread pudding with pistachio ice cream. It had good dark chocolate flavor which when well with the "steakhouse" meal - not the best dessert I have ever had, but a very good ending for that kind of meal. Service was generally very good, but maybe a tiny bit too "disruptive" to our conversation (a few too many early inquiries into whether we were ready to order and checks on everything by the manager and waiter - but I would definitely rather have service err on overattentive than underattentive). The wine we got was tasty, but in general the wine list seemed excessively expensive and based on the little I know about a few bottles on the list the markup was pretty high. Overall, I think it was a great choice for the occassion given that the request was for a "big piece of meat" place with some interesting twist, but at least personally, for the prices I would rather go to Clio, No. 9 Park or L'espalier. I would, however, definitely go back to the bar for a glass of wine and more of the charcuterie.