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Oct 3, 2007 02:22 PM

New Kebab place on Polk Street

Ate at a new kebab place on Polk Street last night - sorry I don't have the exact name (something like Da' Afghanistan?) or the exact address (on Polk around Bush?) - since a friend suggested the place. Limited menu (teka beef, ground beef, sirloin, lamb, chicken kebabs, and a few appetizers). I had the teka beef kebab, which was juicy and a little spicy. Served with rice and salsa. Split the pumpkin appetizer which was drizzled with yogurt sauce. Some flat bread arrived before the food. Most kebabs around $8-$10, except the sirloin which was higher.

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  1. If it's related to the one in Fremont, the chapli kebab is the thing to order.

    De Afghanan Kabob House
    1303 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109

      1. re: mchan02

        I thought my kebab was tasty, though I'm not an expert on Afghani-style kebabs. The pumpkin dish was bland, but I think that's what it was supposed to be like (to complement the spicier meat). I though the salsa accompaniment was strange, though.

        Thanks for the link, Melanie. That's the place. I'll have to try the chapli kebab next time.