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Top Chef Final 3 - Your Pick?

I'd like to see Hung win. He has the best skills, but holding back (his downfall?). Also, contrary to the popular view, I believe he is very passionate about his food.

Casey to me has been stoic. However, her dishes have been a hit so I wouldn't be surpised if she actually wins.

Dale - He's amusing to watch in a train wreck/drama queen/slapstick sort of way - full of energy, foul language and mishaps.

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  1. Regardless of how they do, I think they will give it to Casey. Just a gut feeling based on the fact that a woman hasn't won yet, and the way they have edited the show makes me think they are setting the stage for her to win.

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    1. re: Scott M

      I think that Casey will win. I wouldn't mind seeing Dale win. =)

      1. re: Traumhersteller

        I totally agree with you :)

        All three are very competent, and, while I wouldn't be hugely disappointed if Hung won, he just irritates the snot out of me.

      2. re: Scott M

        I would like to see Hung win, but I agree with Scott M, they might choose Casey.

        1. re: Kristine

          Casey has really grown on me, and I would like to see her or Dale win. If Hung wins (and I think he will because he is technically the best chef) I don't think there will be a kitchen large enough to contain his ego.

      3. I'd like to see Hung win. He's the most skilled, has the most potential and most to gain in the long run. The show however isn't about just that, so I don't think he'll win, plus how he entered the game as a declared bad boy doesn't bode well. It's not just about skill and food but aslo who are the judges and of course what the meal is about.

        After reading the NY Times article, which mentioned it has (vague) cross-over to the presidential election (on the Democrat side)...I think the same logic applies here. It'll go to a woman before it would goes to a minority. Total guess but then again it might be about the best chef and food.

        1. I think and hope it will be Hung who wins. I think he's least likely to totally mess something up over the full-course meal.

          Casey obviously is able to produce some fine food, but I'd like to see her demonstrate some knife skills that are better than Sandra Lee's. If they were awarding "Top Nice Contestant", she'd win hands down. She'll probably produce a strong overall set of dishes. Wouldn't be especially surprised if she wins.

          Dale is the wild card. I expect a mixed bag of courses from him. Some great, some poor. I doubt he'll win, but ya never know.

          1. i'm guessing - and hoping - that casey wins.

            1. Unlike the previous seasons, any of these finalists winning would make me happy in one way or another. Hung is the one I'm backing, but I'd be content with any of these in the winners circle. Last season I didn't care since both were equally despicable in their own way. And season one, it was clearly a good guy/bad girl thing. So it sort of says a lot about how well this season has come together to have three very worthy folks in the final where it could be anyone's game. Only a few more hours to go till we know for sure!

              1. Hard call without knowing what the final challenge will be. Last season's ending seemed to reward the one who was able to pull off traditional Hawaiian delicacies while also adding their own flare. If I recall, there was one specific ingredient whose preparation probably separated the winner.

                I think Casey wins if it's a comfort food type of meal. Hung would be favored in classsics and his technical skills give him an edge if time is a big factor.
                Dale is all over the place. Entertaining, but I could see him serving a chesseburger and at the last second realizing he forgot cheese.

                My pick: Hung.

                1. In following the heated Top Chef contests as well as the Democratic primary contest, I seem to have conflated the two.

                  Casey is Hillary Clinton. She is definitely the front-runner and the one to beat. Many seem to see her win as inevitable. She definitely has the thirst for victory, but will her soulful, middle of the road dishes make the difference?

                  Hung is Barak Obama. He is definitely the competition's golden-boy; technically proficient, innovative and ambitious. The relatively young competitor came on huge early on, but recently, seems to have lost some steam as Casey has picked up.

                  Dale is John Edwards, definitely the dark horse. We all like his sense of humor and folksy manner, but can a likeable, average seeming guy compete against the two powerhouses?

                  I guess we will have to vote, er, watch and see.

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                  1. re: sku

                    I do not see Hung as a golden boy. In fact, I'm surprised he made it this far. He might have the best technical skills, but his food has not impressed most of the judges. Seems that he's been middle-of-the-road most of the time. And his inability to accept the criticism of more experienced chefs makes him a poor candidate for Top Chef.

                  2. I think it will be Casey, but I'm rooting for Dale. Although he's been a little erratic, he has good technical skill and some leadership experience, and he's a mellow guy.

                    Hung is great, but I can't see him doing well in a leadership role.

                    1. Anyone but Hung. Part of being a great chef is being able to work with your staff. How would YOU like to work for that jerk?

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                      1. re: Pete Oldtown

                        What you're saying makes sense...unless it's on TV. Given he's sous chef at a good restaurant, I'm guessing he actually can get along with others, he has to.

                        1. re: ML8000

                          I agree. Hung is executive sous chef at Guy Savoy in Las Vegas and manages 25-30 cooks. If someone doesn't know anything about Guy Savoy, a simple internet search would be wise. He previously also worked at Per Se (Thomas Keller and the French Laundry) in New York.

                          Top Chef is a competition and Hung treats it as one. If you think he can't get along and help others, you should read this blog:

                      2. I really hope Hung wins. He's the best chef!

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                          Even my monkey thinks that Hung should win!