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Oct 3, 2007 01:40 PM

Recent Bayona experiences?

I will be in New Orleans the weekend of Oct. 19. We have reservations at Bayona, but I've heard mixed reviews. Has anyone been there lately that can give a report?

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  1. It would be helpful to know where else you've eaten in New Orleans and where else you have reservations. It might impact my recommendation.

    1. We spent 4 nights in New Orleans at the end of August. Bayona was our second best meal during our stay. Wonderful food, great service. Our best meal was Stella!, followed by Bayona, then Lillette and lastly Commander's due to really poor service issues. Depending on how long your staying and where else you're eating, I'd recommend keeping the reservations.

      1. LAst time I went I was sorely disappointed....
        read on

        1. I agree with David B... keep your reservation. My husband & I ate at Bayona twice in August, lunch & dinner. Both meals were delicious & service was attentive & knowledgeable. We are looking forward to our next visit next month.

          1. I would also keep a bayon reservation. I went at some point over the summer and it was delicious. I requested a veggie platter (I'm not a vegetarian, I was just feeling like vegetables) and I was presented with 4-5 very differently and all very good vegetables... there was a really great gingered sweet potato... some kind of pineapple salsa... green beans, corn...there was also an amazing tomato soup with bleu gnocchi when I went that was outstanding. My DC had fish I think and she also liked it very much. Just make *sure* you get the sweet potato brioche (they should just bring it, but if they don't, you want to request/demand/beg for it... it's heavenly)