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Oct 3, 2007 01:15 PM

Burrito Boyz - disastrous visit

I've been a long-time advocate of BB, but last night's meal was a disaster. Got there at 6, pleasantly surprised to be one of the few customers there (normally their lines are massive, but usually go quickly enough). After waiting 5 minutes for the one person staffing the front to take my order, I waited another 20 minutes (!) to actually pay, since no one was on the cash. Then another 5 minutes on top of that to actually get the burrito. (The person who did eventually take my cash was also the food handler...who also happened to be chewing gum the whole time...gross).

Needless to say, the time I waited a huge crowd backed up behind me, each waiting to pay/take their food. One customer complained, was basically told tough luck, and that was that. The toppings also seemed a bit off in their freshness, and half of my shrimp burrito was blackened on one side. Overall, I think I'll be heading to the city's other burrito joints from now on.

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  1. Which one? I've found Peter St. sometimes a bit iffy with service, etc. but Adelaide St. has never let me down...:)

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      It was actually the Adelaide location. I wanted somewhere to actually sit, and figured I might get lucky. In the seating respect, I did, since everyone else was standing around impatiently waiting for their food. I've had so-so service at the Peter location, but I think this was the last straw for me.

    2. I've had an experience like that at the Adelaide location once. I was on a tight schedule but my buddy and I left a lot of time for us to at least sit down and eat before we had to jet. Suffice to say, although I ordered first, it took them over 20 minutes for them to figure out they lost my order. Eventually, one of the guys in the back caught on and refunded my money (rounded up), gave me a drink and gave me two burritos that my thief had left. They weren't totally fresh but I was in a rush and they were decent all the same. If I didn't want the two extra ones, he offered to make me one custom made for free but I hadn't the time.

      I still return because of how they dealt with it in the end. It's weird, the guy at the back was nicer than the people up front.

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        Not worth the bother, poor quality, or heartburn. These just don't work for me on any level.Novelty carried this shop past the problems, all still in evidence now, when they opened; problem is, the food's only selling point is tonnage and that's not that appealing to many customers.Someday, Toronto will get burros roughly equivalent to those on offer in any US city with a sizeable Chicano population; I've not seen anything yet that's appreciably better than Taco Bell.

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          Taco Bell come on now, Thats an insult to many restuarants

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            Wow...bad reviews for the Boyz?

            I've never had a bad experience at BB'z...always excellent, always fast service. In fact, my favourite Toronto "thing" is to grab a Buritto Boyz and go the the movie theatre and gulp it down at the back of the movie.....heaven! :D

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              There are only a couple of them but, for what it's worth, Taco Villa makes better fast food Mexican than Taco Bell.
              Not in the same league as BBoyz (or the imitators popping up everywhere) but still better than Taco Bell...

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                Problem for all seems to be ingredients, prep, and know-how. Non-chain Mexican fast food in the right US regions can be damn good. Here, though, it's HDL Hell with loads of grease, bland gummy cheese, and little flavor depth or variation. Ok, so it's "artisanal" Taco Bell style around the GTA. Don't we deserve better?

        2. I've eaten at their Mississauga location and had equally lackluster experience & food. This is NOT the burrito joint for me. I'd rather take Mucho Burrito or other similar places..

          1. I haven't to Burrito Boyz since I discovered Quesada, which is nearby on Wellington in the Soho Met building. Better pricing, fresher ingredients and a far more comfortable wait than standing in a cramped basement than at the 'boyz.

            1. I like BBz, it is what it is, lunch for 7 bucks, a bunch of stuff wrapped up with good meat portion and cooked reasonalbly well, I'm not expecting authenticity -- if an authentic place opened next door I'd love it too and go to both, if it's not a real burrito maybe they shouldn't call it that, but, whatever it is I think it's tasty. Of course I agree bad service is inexcusable, though I've never experienced it there...