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Oct 3, 2007 12:39 PM

Le Chateaubriand, Paris

I've read a few negative comments about Le Chateaubriand on the board lately. Wondering what the current view of the restaurant is? I'm planning to go for lunch next month. Am dining at Spring that evening so I would prefer to keep lunch simple. If not Le Chateaubriand, I was considering L'Ardoise or Angelina for lunch. (I'll be in the 1er). Advice?

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  1. hey there, just had dinner at le chateaubriand tonight and i thought it was quite nice. E112 for 2 prixe fixe and a tasty bottle of wine and a bottle of mineral water. very friendly service and interesting dishes: amuse bouche: foie gras with yuzu pepper in broth (fantastic), starter: beef ragu with wasabi sauce wrapped in a dough pastry, a very lightly grilled tuna with fried spanish peppers and red sauce (excellent and i usually only eat tuna raw), grilled pigeon with vegetables (best squab i can remember having). as a new yorker, i can't compare it to other parisan restaurants (yet) but I was overall pretty impressed with the food and value.

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      i wish i had your menu when i was there 2 weeks back. instead, i had a terribly boring and frankly insulting 5 course meal that was very regrettable. service was nice and the place was packed for a tuesday but for those prices and considering the hype, my meal there was nothing short of terrible.