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Oct 3, 2007 12:25 PM

dinner before Sweeney Todd at ACT

We have tickets for Sweeney Todd at ACT this Friday at 8.

We've never had great luck, finding the right place for pre-theatre dining. Tandoori-loin places too quick/hole-in-the-wall. Higher-end places close by not wonderful or too high end. We'd like a pleasant place that had really good food where we can sit and relax over an early pre-theatre meal. Suggestions?

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  1. Meat-pies, perhaps?! ; )

    How about Cafe de la Press on Sutter/Grant or Bar Crudo? A few blocks to the theater, though....

    1. Cafe de la Presse
      Grand Cafe (not sure about current state of the food)
      Scala's Bistro

      1. I recommended this to someone who was going to the Curran Theatre. It's a cheat since these are recommendation from ACT as well. 1) Puccini & Pinetti (casual not hi-end and yet not a dive). If you want "EuroJapanese" food, I like the other ACT recommendation ANZU (advertises in the program), in the Hotel Nikko. It's pretty quiet on a weeknight and not super fancy like other hotel restaurants, but tasty. My spouse had moules for a starter and grilled salmon (w/ Japanese marinade) and he was overjoyed (the best of both worlds).

        1. FYI, We ate at Little Delhi (Eddy at Mason)--very good, inexpensive Indian fare and only a short walk to the theatre. A find, imo. R.

          1. La Scene is perfect. I wrote about it in the past, but no one seemed to notice.